SAFE Network Mediawiki

Over the past month or so, I have been working with a few members of the community to present all the information that had been produced about the SAFE Network in one place. The reason for doing this is that the amount of documentation and information has grown significantly, with much of it being scattered, and it is much easier to have a single area to point people toward. I also thought it was important to start sharing the responsibility for this information with the community as many of you invest a huge amount of your time in the project and many of you become experts in your own right.

The SAFE Network wiki page is available here and contains all the content from the system docs, up to date FAQs, links to libraries (which need updating, I will get to that over the next couple of days), white papers, meet up groups…etc…

What we really need now are members of the community who have the time and inclination to continually improve this resource and act as custodians for the content. Do we have any volunteers out there?

We also need feedback on the information we have, how it is presented and how we can improve, so if you don’t have the time to become an admin, maybe you can get involved here.

Major kudos to @hillbicks who has really gone above and beyond the call of duty putting the infrastructure, tools and much of the content in place. Major thanks also to @polpolrene, @Melvin, @frabrunelle and others for helping (apologies if I missed anyone out).


Thanks to @BambooGarden and @happybeing as well for helping out with the wiki.

As nick said, please poke around and feel free to point everything out that you feel is out of place, incorrect or missing. If you like it, you can state that as well of course

In the next couple of days I’ll set up the other languages as well and will contact everyone that was involved in translating the SystemDocs in the hopes of getting your support again. So far we have spanish, german and dutch.

I really hope this is useful for the community and this forum in particular! Let us know what you think!

Thanks guys.


consider me in for the german translation :slight_smile:


Just to say I did very very little here, and @hillbicks has put in a lot of work on this, so thanks and much credit to him and @BambooGarden, and @nicklambert of course (though he gets paid ;-)). Its great to have so many people working on bits of Project SAFE :smile:


Great work guys; It’s really inspiring to see the voluntary contributions rise into the creation of a much bigger result !


This is FABULOUS!! Salutes to all. I’ll be studying it and give any feedback. Thanks, gang.