SAFE Network Logo Competition Now Live on 99designs

Some great stuff here Really liking #7


If anyone has any suggestion on how designers can improve on the designs they submitted please let us know in this thread. :slight_smile:


but if it was bought… I understand it wasn´t rented,… So why cant it be used as people see fit?

Re: # 7 banaspati - Top pick for me. This logo is clean and reeks of “secure” and “tech” I feel it needs a minor rejig of the layout of the text. “SafeNetwork” tells a story - SAFE stacked on Network is choppy, requires a bit of glueing together to make the story.

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If you click on #2 it has a safe+network= safenetwork where the image is built that to me is very cool

I thought the striped on #7 made it look like a breached lock. But yeah you can also view that as “techy stripes”.

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I think the logo itself looks just like a steering wheel of a sailing ship. I’m not feeling it says anything about the network, at least not at first glance. If you need an explanation like that (which I do like myself) then it just doesn’t work.

I agree I actually like the image of the safe the best. But the equation is nifty to me but not sure it communicates it best as you say

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Interesting. IMO that arch is unmistakably a lock. Almost a universal icon for secure. Maybe the horizontal lines could be less bulky giving way to a view of the lock body.


Padlocks are used to ID secure connections. Just look at the address bar to the left of https://

How do I tell if my connection to a website is secure?

I think perhaps you confused my comment on Nigel’s post with the comment I made on yours? If not I’m not sure where the horizontal lines are on the logo that Nigel mentioned.

What happened is that David Hedqvist, the previous admin of this forum, bought a license for that image. The license is only good for him (as explained here). If other people want to use this image, they have to buy their own license.

Also, the Shutterstock license mentions that their images can’t be used in logos.


vii. Use any Visual Content (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logo, or other indication of origin, or as part thereof.

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my suggestion ist that the logo needs to be more fluid and organic and less safecoin-logo like. it should make people think of a network. anyway, here comes my own design (admittedly: i totally abused the synereo logo here :slight_smile: )


Looking at the submissions, the theme that comes out the most is the ‘secure’ aspect, probably because it is easier to work with than the other specs of the brief.

But I feel critical for the final logo to reflect more the ‘decentralized’ and ‘collaborative’ architecture.

A design style that I am particularly fond of to achieve this is to represent the network emerging from its components. It usually involves some kind of optical illusion, which I also like because 1. it is inline with maidsafe and our forum logo, 2. it shows that something of value can arise out of the collaboration of indifferenciated actors, which, taken alone, are useless.

So far I feel that only design #1 - where pieces of identical shapes join together to form a star - is achieving this, and I am sure we can get something even better if we go in this direction.


Any update or general consensus on a particular few favorites of the new designs?

We rated some of the designs on the site earlier today as you may have seen, up until #40. We took into consideration the feedback left in this thread while doing so.

Since then a lot of new designs have been added, they will need to be rated soon. Any feedback on the new (and older) designs is very welcome.


6 four stars. Hmmmm :confused:

29, 15, 7

I like #68 & #70 quite well for the record

You don’t like number 6? It stood out at least between all the S-logo submissions and with the lock and the person showed some of the properties of the safe network. I guess tastes differ as well :slight_smile:

That’s why we’ll have a vote on the forum to decide the winner. Comments in this thread help us filter out the ones that should be in the final vote.

It also helps if people say why they like a logo and why they don’t. That’s the way we can convince others it’s good (or not).

What is it you like about 29? I personally thought it looked like an anti-virus software logo, too generic. Number 15 is another variation of the S logo, I am personally hoping for more than just a logo with the letter S. Number 7 I like as well, I feel it can be improved upon though but can’t seem to put my finger on WHAT exactly should be improved.


I don’t not like it, perhaps a little bland for a modern cutting edge tech in my opinion but tastes differ as you say. Those little men remind me of day’s gone by :blush:

Driving’ I’m going to crash. I’ll reply in a bit!

@Krekc I agree with the antivirus feel of the shield. I thought that too. I think the appeal is it feels more modern. By no means is it love at first sight.

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Number 68 isn’t bad, but it makes me think of Wi-Fi because of the symbol on top of the lock. Number 70 reminds me of the Steam logo. What is it you like about these two Nigel?