SAFE Network Logo Competition Now Live on 99designs

What? No ants?! :smile:


Then, the secret is between ants, padlocks and multiple points united and the color blue, and the letter “S” , sounds ugly

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Looks quite interesting. It emanates strength and security and I like the shape. Wonder if this could be made to look good in blue colors. It’s too late for new submissions to the competition on 99designs, but if a designer on the forum could work this into a better version then perhaps it could still be included in the final forum vote.

blue version:


It looks better than the grey one for sure, but I think it’s far from optimal. I think less colors could be used to make it look less complicated. Maybe I’m wrong though, I’m after all not a professional designer :smile:

Edit, wonder how it would scale as well. Perhaps it’s too much details for use in a smaller version like let’s say the size of the logo on this forum.

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i agree that it still need lots of love. also, there should be a white background, like here:

the whole thing is a pretty poor photoshop job so far but I was hoping that some of the 99designers might pick up on it. that’s why I think it’s important to point them to this thread over here. lots of good ideas suggested by the community in here. that’s what we’re paying them for after all, no? :wink:


…or a smaller section - just the center part. less complicated and scales better.
btw: sorry if i’m overdoing this but i really don’t want my favorite project to end up with a logo that looks like a shopping bag or a lock from the 1950s :confused:

It looks nice but what does it symbolize exactly?

it’s a small part of a bigger, ever extending network. but yeah it’s kinda hard to see if you cut it down too much…

but then again: i’d rather have something abstract that looks cool and plays with the eye than a symbol of some sort.
also: once it sinks in nobody will ask anymore what it symbolizes. people will just know: that’s the safenet logo :slight_smile:


Well, if we take @piluso 's guidelines into account then it falls a bit short. It would not translate well to monochrome, and it seems unnecessarily complicated while not socking the viewer with a singular idea.

It made me think about Escher and his tesselations. And indeed if I google ‘Escher esque’, I get: close :wink:

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Keep coming back to #20

it seems complicated but i like your thought that is should look cool rather than symbolize something.

Just like the wifi icon, looks cool and instantly wifi network comes to mind when we look at it

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Then add ants walking over it. No good for low res versions, but for hi-res versions it might add the finishing touches.

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I can’t do a mockup on my phone, but actually I like this design. I know I’ve railed on it pretty hard, but if you had a shadow on the right sides of the shape you could form an S. The right path to the right location in a place full of paths.

upside down blue pyramid with an all seeing eye in the middle instead of on the top? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Let’s get the masses behind a singular idea - topple the pyramid, decentralise! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Age 12-and-up -- "ANTS" Starter-kit for the new ![|300x169](upload://6hKmdr4usZJhjX0TBVN3nKFcoLA.gif) With workbook and instructions for Paper Wallet Suitable for classroom projects

The six final designs have been chosen, a new thread has been created for this announcement and further discussion about the final six designs.

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