SAFE Network Logo Competition Now Live on 99designs

The SAFE Network logo competition has just been launched on the 99designs platform.

Click here to see the brief for the competition on the 99designs website.

Click here to see all the designs submitted to the competition on the 99designs website.

This forum thread can be used to discuss the designs submitted to the logo competition.

Competition Timeline

During the first four days of the competition Platinum designers on 99designs will be able to submit their logo designs to the competition.

After the fourth day the competition will open up to non-Platinum designers for one day (24 hours). This is the moment community members that registered on 99designs can submit their logo designs to the competition.

Edit: the Platinum only period will end at 12:30 PM GMT on the 2nd of August.

After the fifth day no new submissions will be accepted. We will then take a few days to remove unwanted designs and to give feedback on the designs that we want to keep. Designers who’s designs have not been removed will then have three more days to improve on their designs. Once these three days have passed we will short-list the best designs and hold a vote on the forum to let the community decide which is the best logo.

Voting Procedure

The vote on the forum will run for a week during which all trust level 2 forum members will be able to vote on their favorite design. The design with the most votes wins the vote, and thus the design competition on 99designs. In case of a tie for first place the Brand ID Competition team decides the winner.


Whats wrong with the logo at the top left of the forum?

It was bought on Shutterstock. So it’s proprietary and other people wouldn’t be able to use it.

See this topic for more info:

Liking #7 so far…

99 Designs is great I have used them before.

Lets see what comes of it.

So far none really strike me, but it’s early days. 7 Stands out. But only because the others are so bleh.

Good work!

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I find #1 (EDIT: now #7) and its lock symbol rather interesting. The whole of #1 #7 seems too much for a logo but maybe if they submitted another one using the lock symbol with more of a logo feel it will then have potential.

(EDIT: now shows as #1 & #2 but were #6 & #7 when I first wrote the post) are similar and are also interesting. These are using words to portray meaning whereas to me a good logo says it with a symbol and maybe a word.

While none of them so far seems to be a winner yet, they are certainly great entries and worthy of consideration

Quite like #6 (studio baba), but yeah, hoping for something that’s brilliant and perfect rather than just pretty good.

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We can’t keep the blue Penrose Triangle? I can’t believe something like that could be copyrighted, right?



It’s the logo of MaidSafe (which is a company, not a technology). Ideally, the SAFE Network should have its own logo, as discussed in this topic.

As explained on this page, the MaidSafe logo is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

In my previous post, I was talking about the logo of this forum, not MaidSafe’s logo.

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Honestly the Penrose is a perfect visual metaphor for the SAFE network, imo. It’s kinda like, the SAFE network is the “impossible” network. Simple, yet complex. Deceptive, yet obvious when you look at it. I dunno, it just kinda makes sense. The design language of all of the current submissions feel very uninspired to be honest. Castles, locks, S’es, circles for nodes, shields… It’s all just designs that come from the words “safe network”, and nothing that really represents the network itself, or its goals.

The Penrose is simple, and in a way more accurately represents what the SAFE network does, rather than just what the words mean.

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I agree with you on the designs so far. I’m positive we’ll see some better designs pop up though.

I really like #2 #6 #7 #9 & #14 so far glad more were added very cool!

I don’t know guys. the whole thing so far looks like the safecoin logo competition that we had on 99designs all over again. some designs are almost exactly the ones that were suggested for the safecoin logo back then. in my opinion: either we come up with something that looks way different from the safecoin logo (and stresses the network aspect) or we might as well stick with the safecoin logo. but yeah, lets see what else comes up…


I think that the logo should

• not use any gradients
• have not more than 3 colours
• be simple enough to work in small sizes

a unique minimalist SAFE ‘jewel’ would be ideal :bath:

My vote is for number 13. The castle tower makes The SAFE Network seem like a fortress.![|500x500](upload://63afF61GS3eUAFONM7VZeCdYDZW.png)

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Please none of them that look like 33 to 45 LP vinyl record adaptors- cheap little pieces of plastic crossed with the generic honey comb hexnut design. No, no, no.

i would like to see more designs along the lines of something that really looks like a network graph. with interconnected nodes and all that. something similar to below. i guess the nodes could also be connected in a way that forms an S-shape…


It’s worth looking at somewhere like coinmarketcap as an example of the size the logo will usually be displayed at. Complicated designs can become indistinct at that scale.