SAFE Network Logo Competition – Final Vote

Like @lightyear said the option to vote is at the bottom of the first post in this thread.

I would be happy if we end up with about 150 votes. Like @nowfeelsafer said there’s a potential of 393 voters, but I’m sure not everyone is active. We didn’t see any other way to restrict voting. Trust level 1 is quite easy to achieve and inviting people just based on liking them or their contributions so far would have been a time consuming process and perhaps also a bit too random.

Not sure that 500 votes would give a substantially different result than let’s say a 100/150. Then again I may be totally wrong about that.

You guys did a fine job. Its not your fault voter turnout is low. The MAID train is just starting to attract some quality talent and observers (guys like our greek bitcoin icon buddy Andreas ). There is no instruction manual for doing what David and Team and this community are doing.

- Balls Of Steel, Determination & Patience -


I’m a quality member; however, unlike our rigged election process here in the U.S., I was not able to cast more than a single vote to boost the level of participation:-)


So you voted? Or you were not able to cast “a” single vote? If you couldnt vote but felt you should be included, ask for an exemption from the blanket. No harm in asking.

I have personally learned a lot from this process. It is surprising to me how much I have changed from when the discussion from @nicklambert first started and the SafeCoin logo was going to be pulled away from my dead cold hands. I then begrudgingly looked at all the designs and asked for people’s advice, which lead me to like the lock.

When I first realized that the marketing/management/community-leaders might actually know what is best for SAFE at this stage, then I was able to set my ego aside and just evaluate the designs for myself. I want to express my sincere thank you to everyone involved in this process. Even though a lot of this is a huge pain in the ass (thinking me especially being a pain in the ass) and not everyone will agree on anything, it really means a lot that the MaidSafe team has done things the way they have; I for one will never forget it.

Without any doubt IMHO #620 is the SAFEnefwork.


How were the four logos that we are voting on now picked?

  1. A vote was held on whether a seperate logo / brand ID was needed for the SAFE Network, the result was yes.
  2. A team of community members and Nick from Maidsafe was formed and started on a design brief for the design competition.
  3. The design brief was shared and the community gave feedback on the brief.
  4. There was a vote on a strap line for the SAFE Network: Secure Access For Everyone won.
  5. The logo design competition was launched on 99designs. The design brief was included as input for the designers. We received almost 600 designs. Feedback on these designs was given on the forum thread related to the first round.
  6. Six designs / designers were selected by the competition team for the second round for the competition. This was based on both feedback from the community and our own preferences.
  7. The six designers delivered new and improved designs, four were chosen. Why these four were chosen out of the designs in the second round on 99 designs can be read in the top post in this thread.
  • #620 makes me think of this video I watched on “XOR Distance and Basic Routing” and that’s why I picked it.

The Pikachu is great! Someone sure knows how to crochet.

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I went for 620. It looks very neat.
If I can be over-critical the security aspect doesn’t seem to be represented enough, but appart from that I love it.

The proposal for 620:

Looks a lot like XOR space:

Taken from 2.3. How do the Overlay (XOR) Network and the Physical Network relate to one another? (1:16)

It’s really cool if one of the fundamental ideas behind Maid (XOR space) is represented in an abstract logo.


Reminder: The final vote ends today (Monday) at 20:00 GMT.

Go to the first post of this topic and scroll down until you see a box that looks like this:

Then click on the option you want to vote for :slight_smile:

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I just retook a screenshot and removed the dot (using the Chrome DevTools). sorry for that :slight_smile:


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Congrats to all designers.

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620 meh~ I like the concept but as I say it’s not unique and it doesn’t stand out. In fact the colors are about as bland as bland can get.

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Didn’t receive a response back from the team so I’m quoting my own question :blush:

There were always going to be people that didn’t like any of the designs. Everyone was free not to vote and to post into the thread they didn’t like the four designs chosen for the vote. Few people did this and most people voted for one of the designs selected for the vote.

We have tried to be open during each step taken in this process. Community members were asked to participate and to give feedback. Participation from the community was high during the strapline vote and at the end of the design competition when the finalists had already been selected and had already submitted their final designs.

Today the winner of the competition will be announced on 99designs. The winning design will be the new logo for the SAFE Network. Now in my opinion that doesn’t mean that this will be the logo for the SAFE Network forever but it does mean that it will be the logo for the foreseeable future. If in the future the community can agree on another logo for the network the logo can be replaced. It makes sense to me that this would be the result of a process like the one that resulted in the current logo.


Ok, thanks for your reply! Although my point still stands, I’ll need to accept that there are more people that do like the designs than there are members that don’t. Thanks for the team’s hard work on this!


Why are we still sporting yesterday’s logo? :slight_smile: