SAFE Network Logo Competition – Final Vote

That’s the biggest problem with 99 designs. Nobody understands how the system works, and how it looks like. Let’s just throw padlock, and be done with it.

This type of competition should be done within this forum, where everybody actually spend their time understanding the protocol. Once they do, they can actually submit their artwork, and show that it is more meaningful than what 99designs can do.

I’m sorry, but I am 110 percent against their decision here. They’re pushing it way too fast.


The voting options seem to be in the right order now, for me they are listed 619, 620, 624 and 642. Same order as the listing earlier in the post. Perhaps one of the mods already changed it. Apologies for this, it definitely wasn’t intentional.

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I don’t know … I hear what you’re saying, but they need a logo and time is running out. Also it’s not impossible to change or alter a logo down the line. Not ideal, but definitely possible. Bottom line: We need something now; I think either of the 4 designs above would work well or OK. I think (what may feel like) a little recklessness for the sake of moving things forward is sometimes called for.


I voted for the current #3 but I’m happy with the choice of the current majority: It was my second option. :slight_smile:

… I’m deciding not to vote as none of the 4 designs are really doing it for me. Good effort all round though to get this off the ground… from drawing board to reality in a matter of weeks… not bad at all.


I like 620 best
619 very close second

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It’s like a national election, and the appropriate vote is “none of the above.” :laughing:


I didnt vote for 620 but it works. There are some good designs here and they are totally acceptable. Could it be better? It can always be better but some on here seem to think that continually whining like a 4 year old about the lack of selection is beneficial. We heard you the first time. You dont want to vote, thats your right. Dont vote, dont participate, but respect the process.

Wish the participation was much greater. Very poor turnout.


Shove the process, and your pomposity.

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So far 65 ppl out of 393 level 2 forum members have voted, so around 17%. But a more accurate measurement would need to count only which of those 393 users have been active in the last few months.

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Totally understandable. And your positive comments demonstrate your respect for the process. Think about supporting the best idea. Read the great supporting comments the team made for choosing the design. People like you are a necessary part of the process. Whats the best of the worst?

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Seems that we need more participation from quality members.

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Wanted 605 but had to vote for 619

where do I vote? 624 speaks to me, people are the key.

there should be a voting-widget at the end of the top post, if you are trust level 2+ (on this forum).

Like @lightyear said the option to vote is at the bottom of the first post in this thread.

I would be happy if we end up with about 150 votes. Like @nowfeelsafer said there’s a potential of 393 voters, but I’m sure not everyone is active. We didn’t see any other way to restrict voting. Trust level 1 is quite easy to achieve and inviting people just based on liking them or their contributions so far would have been a time consuming process and perhaps also a bit too random.

Not sure that 500 votes would give a substantially different result than let’s say a 100/150. Then again I may be totally wrong about that.

You guys did a fine job. Its not your fault voter turnout is low. The MAID train is just starting to attract some quality talent and observers (guys like our greek bitcoin icon buddy Andreas ). There is no instruction manual for doing what David and Team and this community are doing.

- Balls Of Steel, Determination & Patience -


I’m a quality member; however, unlike our rigged election process here in the U.S., I was not able to cast more than a single vote to boost the level of participation:-)


So you voted? Or you were not able to cast “a” single vote? If you couldnt vote but felt you should be included, ask for an exemption from the blanket. No harm in asking.