SAFE Network Logo Competition – Final Vote

Last week, the designers whose designs were chosen for the final round of the logo competition worked on improving their designs. Some also created new designs based on feedback given to them.

Out of these designs we have selected four designs that the community can vote on. The winner of the vote will become the logo of the SAFE Network.

Update: design 620 voted to be the SAFE Network logo

The vote has ended and with 49% of the votes design 620 has been chosen as the new logo for the SAFE Network. Scroll down to the end of this post to see the exact results for the vote.

Designs chosen for the final vote

During the last phase of the competition some designers have delivered great new or improved designs. Unfortunately we also had to rule out some of the designs because of their strong resemblance to existing designs.

These are the four designs we have chosen for the vote:

Design number 619

This hexagonal design incorporates the network aspect with its lines and dots, which can be seen to represent the network nodes and the people that run the nodes. With the somewhat subtle shield in the middle it also incorporates the security element of the SAFE Network.

Design number 620

This hexagonal design also incorporates the network aspect with its lines and dots, which can be seen to represent the network nodes and the people that run the nodes. The design also has a decentralized look which expresses the secure aspect of the network. This design also feels quite unique.

Design number 624

This lock shaped design incorporates both the security and people aspect of the network. The SAFE Network is a network that is formed by the resources contributed by people all over the world. This logo was also an early community favourite.

Design number 642

This shield shaped design incorporates the network aspect where the triangle shapes can be seen as nodes connecting together. The unevenness gives it a decentralized feel. The shield shape of the design gives it a secure look. We also feel the design looks quite modern.

Designs not chosen for the vote

Aside from the four designs that we chose to include in the final vote there were other designs that some people in the community liked. We’d like to supply a reason for why we didn’t include some of these designs in the final vote.

  • Design number 110: the designer of 110 was asked to work out the concept further but to make sure that the logo would be substantially different from the Storj logo. We didn’t include 605 and 609 in the final vote because we think they are still too similar to the Storj logo.

  • Padlocks and S-shaped designs: among the final six designs were both S-shaped designs and quite a few padlock designs. We believed some of them showed promise, but unfortunately that promise was not fulfilled in the final round of the competition. We felt that only 624 was good enough to make the final vote and the community didn’t seem to favour any of the other padlock or S-shaped designs.

  • Community submissions: some community members started submitting designs and ideas for designs during the final phase of the competition. While the effort is certainly appreciated these designs and ideas were simply too late to be included in the competition. We would definitely liked to have seen this amount of community participation earlier on in the (preparation for the) competition.

The vote

The vote will run until next Monday, August 22nd 20:00 GMT. Every trust level 2 member will be able to vote for one of the four logos. The logo that has the most votes on August 22nd at 20:00 PM GMT will be chosen as the logo for the SAFE Network.

In case of a tie, the competition team will decide the winner of the competition. It will be possible to change your vote during the competition, but this can’t be done after the deadline mentioned above.

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I’m going for the 620 hexagonal design because I think it will work at different resolutions and is memorable/distinctive compared to the others.

I think two of the others are too ordinary to register and be remembered (circle/shield), and the padlock is not an appropriate symbol IMO.

620 should work well I think at different sizes and on different backgrounds, and be memorable because it is unlikely to be confused with anything else.


I’m going for 619 simply because it’s prettier and cleaner.

Though I’m still having a hard time making peace with the fact my beloved knitted Pikachu didn’t make it into the finals :crying_cat_face:


620 is definitely more memorable and abstract to me. Sets apart from the crowd for sure, while not the gem we may have been looking for it conveys something unique and human to me


Great choice of the final 4. Out of these my vote is also 620


620 = snowflake. :blush:


I’m divided between 619 and 620.

620 looks like a fingerprint made out of individual nodes which makes a lot of sense for Safe.

619 looks better but it doesn’t have has much meaning.

620 is growing in me though… I’m changing my vote.

Even though I’m disappointed 605 didn’t make the final cut, good work to the design team, it wasn’t an easy job.


I’d be happy to see any of these.

I wonder the font is part of the logo and 624’s font is not great relative to the others.
Also, I don’t care for the tramp stamps (r) and ™

642 for me has no downside; its simple and with good font; could easily be animated in attractive ways; looks like something precious and a shield and at a stretch modular.

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I like the first three, but went with my initial instinct and chose 620. Snowflake + fingerprint + network, easily replicable in various sizes, clear and cohesive … it’s a winner imo.

619 I like a lot but is a little fancy/fussy for my taste, and I’m worried its newness is part of the appeal.
624 was my original favorite but FSR the U-bolt still strikes me as too thin/flimsy.
642 is definitely an improvement but could never get behind the gem concept FSR.

Anyway I think each of these represents a huge improvement over the previous rounds, so thanks to the team for shepherding this process. And ultimately, though 620 is my favorite, I really would be happy with either of these. 619 is my second favorite FWIW.


That. Something precious = diamond to me, and that’s a perfect association for the Safe Network to make. And I like the all over lower case words compared to the somewhat unbalanced word styles of the other three logos.


620 also kinda looks like a top-down view of an ant colony.

Just saying. :wink:


@Tim87- my beloved knitted Pikachu …

Different views exist:


Who stops to wonder about Greek mythology every time they see the Nike logo?

Symbols, however meaningful, lose their meaning quickly.

Esthetics stays.


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Who stops seeing familiar shape in the cloud when relaxing on the grass.

The snowflakes-fingerprint-ant colony were most likely not planned by the artist but it’s still pretty cool we can see these things in it.

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Meh. I’ll pick 619 but still not impressed.

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620 = snowflake for sure.

I’m gunning for 619 because if need be, I think it could be animatable. Consider it spinning at a loading screen or when clicked on as a logo.

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To be honest I’m not satisfied with any of these designs.

I don’t want to sound harsh but both 619 and 620 are a total mystery to me. I know the team that set this all up has worked very hard but I find the result very disappointing. Are their any other options besides having to choose any of these designs?

The logo of the network is too important to not speak out and in my opinion we should not go with a design because we’re stuck to a contest that I think didn’t deliver.

So maybe it’s all just my personal taste and accidental that I don’t really like any of these designs but I do want to have these things mentioned :slight_smile:


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