SAFE Network Java APIs

Thought we could have this ongoing thread about the progress in terms of the SAFE Network and Java.

There’s lots of Java devs here in Jakarta, and I’m interviewing one tomorrow. Wanted to ask how everyone felt the current progress was with the Java APIs, if anyone has tried them.

I know there’s this repo here, and these Android app APKs, so there’s a few things to work with so far. Wanted to know if anyone has tested those apps, or played with the underlying code at all.



Anything? Anyone? Thx :+1:

Hey is it ok if I quote this? I’m sending this thread to a friend here in Indonesia and any information at all helps, including yours here.

Good to know that the MaidSafe SafeMessages example Android app was enough to work with, and create something useful from.

Eddie, that might be a good angle for you to get your hands wet with it. Here’s the link to that Android app SafeMessages that MaidSafe released

Ok good! Yes perfectly fine :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Were there any docs yet for the SAFE Java APIs? Or mostly just using the mobile app code as an example?

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I think the SAFE APIs are supposed to be the same between all languages?


Java APIs are not in place yet. It will take two or three more weeks to get everything tested and released.


For anyone watching this thread, I just found the link to MaidSafe’s Android APKs which are the examine apps / working Android java code to learn from.

awesome looking forward to it!

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