SAFE Network is a terrible product name [Clickbaitish]


Power is the stupidest thing. You are the key to your own lock. The source of your own power. But hey. Communication=energy=power
“consiousnes=existence” on and on.

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want to really go stupid “oynxnet”
just have to put some form of black or dark to go potent. potentnet, viagraxnet.


supernet! best network ever!

or we call it like a mixture of internet and next :open_mouth: …but don’t have a clue how to combine those 2 words now …


I completely agree. However unreasonable it may be, I had a personal experience where My friend literally couldn’t be bothered looking at it cos he said he didn’t like the name.

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Safenetwork is still not as attractive. And you wonder why substratum is getting more popularity. They have a better name IMHO

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Just caught up on this thread.

Steam Turbine
Wireless Telegraphy
Linotype processor
The freakin lightbulb even

SAFE created and functioning as imagined quite likely will join that list.

I get the arguments against the name and concede that marketing (including branding) is important but I genuinely believe the reach and power of this network is drastically misunderstood and underestimated even by the most ardent supporters/early adopters.

You could call it Grandmas undies tbh but the second the curtain gets pulled back and free and uncensored speech finds a home the impact on the world and the subsequent reaction it will cause is beyond anything anyone here can probably dream up.

The above is only a small pre-cursor of what may follow for a fully functioning network, did anyone here in bitcoin in the early years ever seeing it hitting $20k, did anyone at the eth crowdsale see it hitting $1k, very few if any genuinely did, the possibilities for SAFE far surpass either of these but only take shape if Maidsafe are let rip on this thing for the next couple of years and take the steps they think is needed to breathe life into this dream.

One pretty bright dude once said “most importantly, follow your heart and intuition, they already know what you truly want to become”, David’s dream can change the world forever just let him and the incredible people around him make it happen. Our only job is to support, offer feedback, then step away and let him see the vision through his way.

Being a community and discussing this stuff is okay but once Maidsafe make it clear where they stand with these less trivial things we just need to get outta the road and let this all happen.

Every moment that passes is another moment without a fairer world, just stand back and let these amazing people make it happen for us all :+1:


well only coin that I think the name actually mattered was doge coin
but if we have an alternative as good as doge coin it may be worth to try :joy:

More lipstick?

Keeps us all up at night

Your humble opinion is noted, the committee will consider this insight


I’m so confused. Was the OP actually serious? This whole thing was a joke thread right? :cowboy_hat_face:


Internext. Nextnet. Newnet. Not bad. I was thinking about leaving out Net or Web. In conversation Internet these days is more and more used to name the technology. Nowadays we do not speak anymore of going on the web. Or got to www… I just converse to go to this or thats place or thing and people instantly think of the destination.
Not thinking about how. Were already wired 24/7.

SAFE Network has a huge obstakel to overcome braking into the 24/7 wired paradigm. Current marketing seem completely oblivious of this and therefore very likely how to overcome this too.

I’ve worked 3+ years in the telecom sector and got some connections that are now my customers which I help with marketing their products.

SAFE network says nothing. Perhaps its a safe zone for SJW’s. What does it mean?
Current internet is not safe to acces? How? You lost a client 10 minutes ago…

You and I think alike.

No need to explain the current marketing is completely oblivious to some huge obstacles getting the critical remaining 80% of the people using this network. Also it’s clear indeed it’s lipstick on a pig.
Current approach will not get the critical mass wired 24/7 to this network. And marketing either doesn’t see it or isn’t asked to consider this.They come with lists of why it’s better. One really starts to wonder.

He/she/it is a bot? Tried to give it to other bots:


Safenetwork is still not as attractive. And you wonder why substratum is getting more popularity. They have a better name IMHO.

  • I will be interesting.

One of the oldest around:

Hello, I am Eliza.

  • More lipstick?

Don’t you ever say Hello?

  • Keeps us all up at night

Say, do you have any psychological problems?

  • Your humble opinion is noted, the committee will consider this insight

Why are you concerned about my humble opinion is noted, the committee will consider this insight?


Hello, I am Eliza.

  • Perhaps its a safe zone for SJW’s. What does it mean?

What do you think?

Kurzweil’s Ramona:

Not thinking about how. Were already wired 24/7.

  • I haven’t thought much about that in the past. Maybe I will in the future.

I remember playing with that on the DEC PDP-10 KA processor systems back in the day.

Was always fun to watch visitors to UNI open day “talking” to it on the old teletype terminals.

Then the next exhibit would be 2 teletype terminals looped together with one hidden to the visitors. Some really thought the “computer” was almost human.

But we will be marketing the Applications won’t we. The network is only a method/vehicle for the Applications. EG Hey, come and join me on the “some-name” site that sooo much better than facebook. They won’t be saying oh come and join me on the SAFE network will they!


From what I gather marketing noise actually is focussing attention on a SAFE Network and not the intended outcome.

Yes indeed, they won’t. To the surprise of the potential new user.
Microsofts monopoly let them get away with a bad user experience, SAFE Network obviously hasn’t.


Someome may ask ‘why is it called the SAFE network’, and an easy response could be ‘it means Secure Access For Everyone, and is safe because all of your data is encrypted before it goes anywhere - it’s never shared without permission.’ I’m sure there are plenty of better responses that cover other aspects too, but SAFE does raise good questions.

Unless another brand could do a lot better, why change it? So far you’ve made zero suggestions & just criticised.

Rather than continuing to appear arrogant and insulting to those who have worked on this so far, can you please put forward your suggestions for improvements & let people discuss whether they like it?

Nobody will be against obvious change for the better, so why not respectfully make suggestions of how the brand & marketing could be improved rather than slating current branding?


Acronyms are not self explanatory.

I have criticised and I have made suggestions. But they are drown out by the noise - which fine I guess?
Though no new proposal, that is true.

There is a difference between arrogance and being self assured enough to be honest. It is not my intention to insult but get attention. Others raised their concern before but basically got shunned. That’s why.

Thank you. In other replies I’ve thanked other for their insights and that this had made me think about indeed focussing on user acquisition through marketing apps.
So I’m still thinking and putting this all together.

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Agreed. Honesty and self assuredness can still be very effective along with a dose of humility.

You do seem like you’re aiming to help, and you are confident in your marketing ability.

Given this confidence, I’m looking forward to this:

I hope it’s something brilliant.


@Solfeggio after a quick tally the easiest way to find your posts in this thread was to look for the ones with the fewest or zero likes! Yeah, keep it up, you’re going gang-busters here.

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Yes I am and I believe in working together to get the best results. That is past of my confidence too.

Oh boy :slight_smile:
I may pivot my idea towards marketing apps, or do both. However this ends I will be installing the netwerk everywhere I can and try to get those place to use it.
Thank you.

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I feel like saying kudos to @Solfeggio for trying and coming on audaciously. You dared and it was never gonna be easy. It’s a bit of the man-against-the-world mission, heh. The title was a cold shower, but it worked and got people involved.

Meanwhile Internext. Nextnet. Newnet is all schlock. Or at least not an improvement on the current name. I partly agree that SAFE may sound too rigid or formal or whatever, but I also think it describes its purpose pretty well. And while not shocking, the word sounds good.

Internext sounds sophomoric and plain bad. Nextnet and newnet completely fail to capture anything but the compulsion to scream “we’re the next big thingy, look at us!!!” (And I do reckon it’s both subjective and pretty hard to coin a good phrase or name.) But SAFE won’t be new or next for very long.

Some of these may be used as a byname for a PR column. But as many others have pointed out already, the first wave users will be geeks. For all I know, they’re one of the groups that are resistant to marketing cheap tricks and screams for attention.

Still, you should keep trying to come up with something that clicks and sticks, and keep presenting it.

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