SAFE Network is a terrible product name [Clickbaitish]

At least a one click install. Would be awesome if I could download an app first which then
checks for SAFE and installs them both in one go. Just a simple dialog that says ~ ‘Make a one time account for this and all the other awesome apps’ [ your best email ]. It’ll send al the login details to your email and promting
so change the codes etc.

Maybe it’s not really the app but really the SAFE Installer dressed up as the app.
If SAFE is installed it gets the app and visa versa.

Yes it was purposely designed to be boring, because the only folk uttering it’s name are Devs and they are known to be very boring, pimply and cannot hold a conversation with the opposite sex…etc etc It’s also kind of silly, because it has no sense of time…hows that going to work? oh and it’s also impossible, so they should probably give up and everyone should sell their useless coins unless ECR20 can save our bacon.

The real star of the show is SafeCoin, because it’s safe, instant, untraceable, anonymous and at present highly under valued. It’s also very viscous as it’s ‘the oil of the network’ and can be used to to keep autonomous sex robots operational around the clock …except there is no time on this network so I’m not sure how you can program the metal lady for a wake up massage.

My life is very boring, I’m an office clerk…but I did manage to save space by putting all my thoughts into 1 post.




The Cryptonet :slight_smile:

I see here we have a nice click-bait sh**post on our hands. While I agree MAID makes me think of a cleaning service and needs to go, SAFE Network will be fine as a utility network in name and brand. But in the spirit of this forum thread I shall propose a new name since this post is just funny, CondomNet, “Never leak your seeds again!” can be our new name/slogan :smiley:


I feel the same way. No need to change the name IMO.

Though, for fun’s sake…I have a name suggestion as well…


A trellis has that same net type structure and is used to help nature grow. Fitting, considering the fact that SAFE is inspired by nature. :+1:


Since this topic was created I have also done some thinking, so I also have a proposal.
If you want to make a product that raises attention you should always have some part of “Bitcoin” in the name and as networks “connects” people, I really think that if we can find a way to combine those two names it will be a sure winner! :joy:


And already under the umbrella-designation “horizontal privacy”



Bitnet :smile: twenty characters

Lol…nice…that didn’t even occur to me. :sweat_smile:
It obviously serves the purpose of providing privacy as well…

or you shuffle the 2 parts of the word

ps: but i admit that we’re leaving the path of connected bits now …


Nice if your right. But its a lot more than a money making product.

Another idea: The Network that cannot be named.


I really like the term ‘pandemic apps’ so … i suggest

i admit, that there is nothing about safety and security in it anymore … but since its obviously about the PeoPLe of this planet … it should be obvious it’s included

‘it’s available on ppls network’
‘yo - publish it on people’
‘did you look if it’s available on people already?’
‘its just the peoples network … it’s as good and as bad as people are …’

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Power is the stupidest thing. You are the key to your own lock. The source of your own power. But hey. Communication=energy=power
“consiousnes=existence” on and on.

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want to really go stupid “oynxnet”
just have to put some form of black or dark to go potent. potentnet, viagraxnet.


supernet! best network ever!

or we call it like a mixture of internet and next :open_mouth: …but don’t have a clue how to combine those 2 words now …


I completely agree. However unreasonable it may be, I had a personal experience where My friend literally couldn’t be bothered looking at it cos he said he didn’t like the name.

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Safenetwork is still not as attractive. And you wonder why substratum is getting more popularity. They have a better name IMHO

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Just caught up on this thread.

Steam Turbine
Wireless Telegraphy
Linotype processor
The freakin lightbulb even

SAFE created and functioning as imagined quite likely will join that list.

I get the arguments against the name and concede that marketing (including branding) is important but I genuinely believe the reach and power of this network is drastically misunderstood and underestimated even by the most ardent supporters/early adopters.

You could call it Grandmas undies tbh but the second the curtain gets pulled back and free and uncensored speech finds a home the impact on the world and the subsequent reaction it will cause is beyond anything anyone here can probably dream up.

The above is only a small pre-cursor of what may follow for a fully functioning network, did anyone here in bitcoin in the early years ever seeing it hitting $20k, did anyone at the eth crowdsale see it hitting $1k, very few if any genuinely did, the possibilities for SAFE far surpass either of these but only take shape if Maidsafe are let rip on this thing for the next couple of years and take the steps they think is needed to breathe life into this dream.

One pretty bright dude once said “most importantly, follow your heart and intuition, they already know what you truly want to become”, David’s dream can change the world forever just let him and the incredible people around him make it happen. Our only job is to support, offer feedback, then step away and let him see the vision through his way.

Being a community and discussing this stuff is okay but once Maidsafe make it clear where they stand with these less trivial things we just need to get outta the road and let this all happen.

Every moment that passes is another moment without a fairer world, just stand back and let these amazing people make it happen for us all :+1: