SAFE Network is a terrible product name [Clickbaitish]

You still don’t get the point.
The ad in 1984 wouldn’t have worked as well if it was named after a generic term that ensued even more confusion.

People after watching the ad if they wanted to learn more about Apple computers, they could simply ask around because it was unambiguous, and they didn’t have to ask twice or clarify it to explain what they were talking about.

Is it really THAT hard to understand the point?

Hey, they do understand, we all do, but some of us don’t like it way more than some of us dislike the SAFE name. It’s all purely aesthetical.

“Your name! Me no likey!”
“Hey! You no likey my name me no likey back! More so even.”

Still, if the consensus is there is not much to do about it by now, this is splitting hair over a lost cause.


I was replying specifically to @neo.
The safe debate I considered it settled, so no splitting hairs over here.
I am just clarifying for the next gen of product names, and hoping that it may help future startups from members of this forum.

There is no point in failing if there isn’t a lesson to be learned from it.

Yes a good name to start with will certainly help. And the APPs certainly do need to take heed.


Truth, but the idea that SAFE name in itself is a fail is still just an idea. And the point that SAFE won’t be sold over the counter and won’t stand or fall with the name is pretty valid too.

The main thing is (and perhaps the reason this thread failed), it’s hard to think of something better, for me anyway, as we’re essentially dealing with a protocol here. And SAFE at the beginning of the network address still looks pretty damn accessible and understandable compared with FTP or HTTP. So while it does not make you hug it and take it home the moment you see it written, at other levels, it works well.

It should definitely be the apps that need to strike the playful chord with the audience that bring the new hearts and converts over. In many ways, the crucial part only begins when SAFE is up. Hurryyyyyy.


For anyone who cares:

The Apple against the bitten Apple history:

I wonder what they’re gonna do the day we learn to interpret the vibrations of true apples and find out the true apples are very angry at both companies and their heirs, and contemplate filling a lawsuit.

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Ok. Wow. So this was actually a serious thread and not a joke…

IMO, “Safe Network” is a great launch/project name. It follows a play on words implying safety and security to the users of the network and their personal/business data, but also builds on the metaphor of having a network of physical “safes” or vaults in the real world, which is also reflected by the library names in code. The OP should instead focus their creative energies to consider a new name for the “the internet” we all use now. The rebranding of the current way the web works is something we have already poked fun at here.

The public will give the Safe Network nicknames after launch like “safenet”, “safernet”, “S-net” etc. Culture will decide. If MaidSafe does does it right (which I think they are), then people won’t even notice the transition, and the general public/ laypeople will just keep right on calling it “the internet” but refer to the current web with a nostalgic moniker.


That’s a good point. If people like it, they’ll name the SAFE as they please.

As for how serious this thread was meant to be, I don’t know. Since the brain behind the operation disappeared, it now has a hit-and-run vibe.

But he gave the world… the Newnet. Come on, the thread was fun for a couple of days.


Yes, and if they don’t call it “the internet” they’ll probably just call it the same nick as is common here on the forum due to convenience. :wink:

Thinking about this a little more…
For more relaxed discussions I like writing “Safe” instead of “SAFE” since it looks like a proper name and is less aggressive, like a famous person or an employee or a friend. From that perspective you also get a little different interpretation/feeling/vibe of the name MaidSafe. Rather than see it as a verb (data has now been “made safe”), if you separate it into two words ie. “Maid Safe” or initialled “M. Safe”, then “Safe” is the last name of a person/entitity. Their title is viewed either as “Maid” or “M”… (keeping all data safe, secure and clean with less/no malware for users?) Wasn’t their an administrative entity in all the James Bond films called ‘M’? The first and last name thing also falls in line from a technical point of view. “First there was Maid, and at last came Safe.”


Nah, they are too sweet to do that.

bless you :rofl:


Grannie Smith, she will. I know her.


Yes, indeed. No one would consciously think and admit that it was because of the name, however, as many psychological experiments have shown, such as this one and many more

(full paper here [PDF] Material priming: The influence of mundane physical objects on situational construal and competitive behavioral choice | Semantic Scholar)

There are many unconscious factors affecting behaviour and peoples decisions, and what people say made them do certain things, isn’t actually what made them do these things. Brand name and success of brand is well researched and evidenced backed. As well as unconscious effects of behaviour. Please take some time to read the psychological experiment as it’ll make you truly understand how important unconscious factors are. And you’ll understand why the argument of “where they would say if it was not called X I would never have used it etc.” is largely discredited. Because chances are, people have hardly a clue what contributed them to using product X.

There has been great research into brand names and success, please have a look at all the evidence Why Brand Names Are So Important, According To Science | HuffPost Impact

Now, it’s perfectly understandable why you may be opposed to a name change, as logically, it doesn’t make sense, at all, that’s in fact addressed in another article, but the world isn’t entirely purely logical. You need to realise this, marketing is an interplay of people’s psychology and emotions. Logic and technology certainly appeal to some people, but adding a good emotional touch based on psychological research and evidence would help it beyond what you can imagine.

You still carping on about changing the name? It ain’t happening, especially as it’s NOT RELEVANT when the SAFE Network is launched. What a waste of time this all is.


Threads like this one and the n99 thread that are just the same vague, unsubstantiated posts from one person/team repeating the same point without a technical backing, should really be locked. Seriously. Like, why was this posted literally without an alternative proposal and several dozen posts in, the OP still hasn’t provided an alternative or a reasonable argument. I want better moderation on this forum

I think moderation on this forum is perfectly fine =) no need to lock topics that are considered irrelevant to some (or even most) people… And create an atmosphere where many people feel like they are being censored…

You do realize you just bumped this topic again to the top after 2 days of sliding down the topics list?!..

Unsubstantiated is definitely not true. Alternative proposals are proposed. I don’t even know what you’re talking about… it’s not the same people, nor the same team, different people have brought this up over and over again. We are proposing an immediate rebranding, we gave reasons backed by scientific research.

Maybe " we " , whoever they are, should fund and spend the time producing said rebranding, do some r & d.
Then if " we " can do such a fantastic job of it, surely then it would be no issue selling the new name to maidsafe and the forum users.

Good luck

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No. Moderation was perfect on this one. Even when the OP began acting pettish and bordered on insulting people, mods handled it like men and resisted the natural temptation to repress him, thus sinking to his level.

Also, the dude did provide some alternatives. And he did so having put people against himself, which does deserve some respect, as he was never gonna push it through by then.

My only beef with these threads is that they should start with the alternative brand name and then (maybe) proceed to tell you all that huckster fluff.

A good name strikes a chord with people. A shoddy one does not. It’s as simple as that. You ain’t gonna convince anyone SAFE Network needs a better name with a whole lot of selective hogwash. Doing that feels as if you try to sell something. Provide the alternative right at the start. If it’s good enough, you don’t need to convince anyone. One by one, more or less willingly, we’ll convert.


I like the current name as is, but I do like Trellis. It’s simple and has almost has the same feel as “cellar”. You could even go like Trilix from there. Bonus points if you can connect the “three” in the word root to SAFE somehow.

Since this thread is for new names, here are some of mine:

Trelix (x’s are always hot…)
Guardin (…except in the case of Guardinex… sounds like an allergy medicine)
Lattix (as long as no one ever pronounces it like “lay-tix”)
On-Ward (warden… got a theme going here, but makes me think of OnStar, bleh)
Internest (I saw internext so I had to throw this in, seems like a pun fest)

This is fun but I’m out of ideas. :stuck_out_tongue: I wanted to do something with XOR but it starts to sound too pharmaceutical, like Trelixor.

OP: Have you come to a name yet you think is better than SAFE? I haven’t read this entire thread and I’m sure I missed a lot.

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