Safe Network Introduction [VIDEO]


Created by Maidsafe.


how did i not see this before??

thanks for posting!

when was this made? is it brand new?


On youtube it shows published 23/nov by maidsafe


This video was suggested on YouTube and reminded me how cool this software will be when launched.
Can’t wait to see the network running! :smile:


Wow I love this latest vid. It’s simple, sound and supersecurity in bytesize. Please share this on social media with friends & family.

I just shared this with my 360 fake Facebook friends (I don’t know these people, these people don’t know me), but I hope to give this vid @least 360 extra views. :slight_smile:


It was made a while ago and we have delayed releasing it as it is intended for the intro for the end user focussed site. The intention was to keep this to under 2 mins and are planning more for other parts of the site. I don’t think we are too far away from launching the new site to highlight specific network features, although these are in very early stages. The end user site should be going into final review this week :slight_smile:


looking forward :smile: to putting my stuff in the safe :cd:

great video


Check out the new video guys and don’t forget to like and share.