SAFE Network in Ralph Breaks the Internet!


You mean this scene, but with more detail?
In my country the movie has yet to be released.


Yes, when they barricade themselves in the stall to stop the antivirus’ geting to them he shows the antivrus alley which is what is on the left page and safe network is the second highest logo on the page


So the logo is above, not below the text? I guess the building below the text is the “Safe Network”-tower :wink:



@draw YeeeeEEEESSSS! Good job man! I have to admit I tried getting this and failed so, thank you!


Amazing - well done @draw! Well, there’s no arguing that the logo represents the SAFE Network now! :smile:


Just for fun, please share. :slightly_smiling_face:


Subliminal, how many millions of people will recognize that logo the next time they see it and not know why.
Yet it will feel familiar. Priceless.


Illuminati confirmed?? Lol


This is so cool :smile:
Very distinct location in the map. Who are the other one at the top there? Trend something?


Its Trend Micro


The stuff of cultural myth and legend :sunglasses:

  1. Why did they put Trend Micro above Safe?
  2. Seems they are all antivirus platforms, but SafeNetwork is not, it’s much more :wink:


Maybe it is a coincidence, but ‘pied piper’ is said a couple of times in the movie: at the end and/or right after the book scene (called ‘operation Piped Piper’ apparently). Pied Piper ~= Piped Piper ?


Good job there’s no conspiracy theorists lurking around on this forum …


Because while ambitious and mathematically sound for the most part, SAFE is unproven tech.



For anyone who wants to know when the logo appears - 1:22:30 and 1:24:10 :wink:


Yes that’s for the book part, but also later, when they actually arrive there at the security area

So 2 appearances :slight_smile:


This movie is just being released and will likely be advertising a bit, might be a good time for us to piggy back a bit.