SAFE Network in Ralph Breaks the Internet!


For anyone on Twitter, when tweeting about this movie and SAFE make sure to use #SAFENetwork and dug’s brilliant #SAFEFixesTheInternet :star_struck:


Ha! That is a brilliant hashtag!


Safe own emoji

--just an experiment --

I’d like to turn the SafeNetwork logo into an emoji so it could be used everywhere like on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and so on… Then we could send it to Unicode for the review.
When you write “sad” or “happy” in the keyboard, it shows a specific emoji. Thus, i’d like the SafeNetwork emoji to jump out when a user types “safe”


@Future That is such a badarse idea! Where the heck do we start?


I had a look to this article Proposing an emoji to Unicode. Here’s how
Seems hard but not impossible, we can do it💪

— EDIT —
If you guys are interested in the idea, I could create a topic for it so we can discuss on how to succeed


Hell yes, please do so. Consider me on board.


Alright, just created the topic💪


Feel free to throw some up votes at this.


Wait…that’s the shot i took :sunglasses: I hope the world stands up to see what Maidsafe is doing :relaxed:

  1. If Disney spoofed the SAFE logo without changing it isn’t that illegal? Like if you parody something don’t you need to change it somewhat? (ex. Flipping a McDonald’s logo even tho it’s clearly still the golden archs only reversed to anyone with a brain.) 2. If a company does exist somewhere with our logo doesn’t that mean copyright infringment of some sort in and of itself? Nevermind the fact Disney is broadcasting it in their movie? 3. Who cares if SAFE is fringe or not. They grabbed our logo so use our name.


Well i think Disney has better lawyers than us so we can’t really do anything at all :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the exact ‘license’ of the logo? Is it something like: you can use it, but reference the source?
Maybe it can be used as leverage should Disney complain about copyrights etc if screen grabs of the logo in its movie are used for marketing by us?


… Just be glad the logo is in such a movie… Trying to enforce anything will just make sure it won’t appear anytime soon again…


Enforcing copyright would be a bit ironic considering the nature of the project too. It seems like good publicity to me!


When Disney becomes just another client on the SafeNetwork, we call some lawyers and come back to this moment in virtual time! … hahahah


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New article.

same article, different site.

Edit: YouTube video that briefs bitcoin exchange news.


Little frustrating the lack of fact checking that goes on. It’s not the logo for SafeCoin, it’s the logo for the Safe Network. The movie (from reading reviews, I haven’t seen it) is about computer security, not crypto-currencies. Having a bitcoin logo wouldn’t make sense.

The movie isn’t saying anything about safecoin, or crypto currencies. It’s saying the Safe Network is going to help make the internet more safe and reliable as a whole.

The worst thing that can come out of this is bad reporting making it look like a cryptocurrency pump and not people pushing for a more safe, reliable and secure internet.


@wes could not agree more. I think it’s great it’s getting “attention” and the shallow crypto folk that are in it for the “sick gains” etc, will take interest which still can somewhat benefit us but nothing is better than a clear message.

I know the marketing team is busy as all get up but I’m hoping they can get around to either write something up or reach out to a more legitimate source to do a proper piece like what came from the HBO piece.

As a side note, I’ve been trying to figure out if there’d be a good way to link things to make it easier for others in the film industry to discover the project. This could end up being more than just a coincidence (don’t take this wrong, the tech speaks for itself and marketing does great outreach). Bitcoin got a huge boost because of tv and film. From supernatural to grey’s anatomy, Bitcoin was a hot topic. I wonder if SAFE will somehow be in the Disney movie credits so it could be linked to what has been done with Silicon Valley. David, Nick, and Viv, all have an IMDb profile that has them known as technical advisors for Silicon Valley. Maybe @SarahPentland @dugcampbell or even just those guys themselves could add profile pics, bio, and relationship to The SAFE Network on their respective IMDb pages. Having these things linked across the web as much as possible can really help so if anyone has any creative ideas, please share!!!

IMDb links:


I watched this film yesterday as my son wanted to see it and in one scene it shows a map of the antivirus area they are heading to to find an antivirus to fix the internet and one of the companys along with sophos and mcafee it clearly says “the safe network” with the safe network logo below it, not sure if this has been picked up on yet here…