SAFE Network in Ralph Breaks the Internet!


Got it. Had a tip when to take the pic. Risked getting caught hahaha


That’s awesome @Harvindar! I was almost certain it said The SAFE Network below it but instead it says Sophos. I must have been caught up in the excitement, haha. Too bad the name couldn’t make it but hell, I’ll take it!


I’m really trying to understand what’s going on here, how much would MaidSafe have had to pay to get into the #1 movie in the world right now?

That’s not the sophos logo btw, these are:



So what’s going on here, genuinely trying to make sense of all this

MaidSafe seems way too fringe for a major Disney movie to put in like that, for example the movie is about the internet and they didn’t even mention bitcoin or blockchain once. So how does this all fit


I think the SAFE logo and Sophos are separate. Very cool, thank you for sharing!


My boys tell me when they open the book how to kill a virus the logo appears and it says safenetwork there. I missed that part. Looks like they are bigger fans then i am hahahaha


@Harvindar In the mid upper left? I was starting to wonder if there were two separate shots. The way I remembered it too there were many more logos and names in the shot that I caught. After that my nose was in my phone to post here so I must have missed the second. Tell your boys nice catch!


Oh gosh, here come the conspiracy theories…:joy:


Quite likely nothing. The movie stands to gain from featuring the logo (I.e. inclusion of the SAFE logo lends a certain air of credibility). More often than not, content producers pay to feature brands (and not the other way around). For an up and coming brand (such as the SAFE Network), “payment” might come in the form of free promotion.


It must be some proof that time travelling exists🤔


That’s so exciting, this is the confirmation of the project’s quality and seriousness. And now let’s find members of the Disney staff who’re joining this forum :rofl:


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I see (part of) the logos of the following Antivirus companies: A(vast), Sophos, BitDefender, Symantec (the check/v in circle), Ma(lwarebytes), McAfee, Kaspersky, Windows Defender, (Emsiso)ft(?) and Webroot. Emsisoft was a difficult one.


I like the symbolism of the SAFE logo sitting pretty at the top :smirk:


maidsafe logo and movie title “breaks the internet” love it, someone at disney is lurking these forums!


Disney used the logo without permission?




Collective hive mind or prescient visions?

And on the topic of the title Ralph Breaks the Internet. Cmon seriously :joy: :sunglasses: !!! And you’re telling me we’re not in a frigging video game!!!

Lol @dewild


So when are we posting this to Reddit and Twitter?


Would be good to hear something from the maidsafe team first.


On Reddit someone is speculating:


That Solid on SAFE bloke [shakes head]…