SAFE Network in Ralph Breaks the Internet!


Watching this movie with my kids and The SAFE community logo was on the security software part of the movie! I literally screamed “Holy Sh*t!!!” So cool!

Sorry for swearing kids…

SAFE Network Dev Update - November 29, 2018

Really? Missed that part


Yeah. Not to spoil but where they were describing the secure part of the internet, in the mid upper left of the screen you could clearly see “The SAFE Network” with the logo just above it, amongst others that I missed because my eyes were drawn right to it.

Would be great if we could get a screen grab of that. Huge props @maidsafe getting yourself out there amongst so many eyes through film and television. It’s brilliant.


Because of you I have bought the tickets to watch it.



@Wong Try and get a screen shot! :grimacing: Again, I don’t want to spoil it but it’s right after the virus has spread through the internet. It’s a very brief moment so maybe a short video that a screen shot could be taken from?


Can’t wait!


Jesus Michael, chew with your mouth shut!


Awww…totally missed it. Guess I’ll need to watch again.


Is this for real?:joy:

20 char


Love it. Am going to have to watch this movie.

Drip drip of exposure to the public. Once SAFEnet launches, the logo and name will seem strangely familiar to a lot of people.


Are other crypto logos seen in the movie?

If not… LOL @ bitcoin.

That’s is a news story in itself,. “Safecoin the only crypto in movie”


I’ve had already seen the trailer. It certainly contains a lot of references, I didn’t spot Bitcoin however.


Oh no! Like I said it was pretty brief but it was there! Maybe I’ll go see it again.


I’d really like to know if @maidsafe brought it to the attention of the people making the movie, or if the tech community/consultants for the movie are really that attuned to what the future of the internet will be.


Why take it down? That was good proof worth celebrating this stealth product placement campaign.


Is there a Disney staff lurking in this forum?


Did someone actually get it? If not post here maybe we could get it circulating on Twitter??


At the end of the movie I saw a blur triangle logo. Wonder whether that is the maidsafe company logo?


If you click on the edit button on Optimator’s post, you can still see the (albeit) fuzzy screenshot s/he captured…


SAFE Network Dev Update - November 29, 2018