SAFE Network in America (Radio Interview)


Interview with Nick Lambert,(Chief Operating Officer for MaidSafe.Net) providing an update on MaidSafe.Net and internet decentralization, from Thursday, last week.

No video, as the host was having philisophical problems (the,begins with letter C and ends in ship, type) with his video platform provider.
Opportune moment for an interview, then!
And it was really interesting, as always.

Here is the audio link (Hour 1, Maidsafe)
Declare Your Independence, Radio Show, with Ernest Hancock.


MaidSafe Dev Update - April 12, 2018

Absolutely fabulous interview!! Nick certainly hit it out of the park here. Highly informative and inspirational. Now I’m off to share! :smile:


Been waiting a long time for another interview with Ernie. Thanks for the share.


I think this interview highlights the issue of uptime for the bulk of future resource contributors. Hancock being the privacy diehard he is stated that the sum of his spare computing resources would/could be used for a few hours daily as his contribution to the network.

The networks’ health relies on high uptime among other things. Uptime is the probably THE most important factor when considering the average user as they should constitute the majority. What do we do to solve this issue. Common OS’s have sleep modes pre-programmed and active by default.

This would affect node age and section strength. Very cheap embedded systems and or a sleep prevention capability added to vaults are needed. Keeping what is contributed by users alive is key to SAFEs’ success. Am I wrong?


@nicklambert It might be a hiccup but IIRC nodes are connected via XOR addresses. Only relay nodes have any access to IP addresses. Each node in a close group and section is proxied by a relay that then forwards it to its new home which addresses it by its XOR ID.


Yes I should have made that clearer. Cheers for the note!


Nodes within the section though know the IP addresses of the other nodes within the section. Otherwise it would be very recursive in communicating between nodes of a section. In other words very time consuming for every message between nodes in a section.


Nice! Seems like there are a lot of Back to the Future fans that are attracted to Maidsafe. :wink:
The front page from the PowerPoint presentation on the SAFE Network from my 2 hour-long dissertation defense. And yes, there was epic theme song music involved as well. It’s tough work trying to entertain an academic panel…


Tell it Ernest, we need pirate communications period point blank. Great show!


Humble suggestions @nicklambert , Ernie can be (is) all over the place. Would be good if you came in with a clear list of talking points and then lay those points out for him and the audience in advance. It’s sort of setting the agenda, but he’d maybe appreciate it IMO and you could get through much more info - which you could have prepared in advance. Also real-life examples might be the best way to go here - for many I think the technical details are over-their-head as most people are not technically oriented and those that are can look up the details.

EDIT: you could also play some of the video’s MAIDSAFE has developed.

Just my two bits.