SAFE Network Glossary now available!

I’m happy to announce that an ongoing project has just taken a very important step.

A SAFE Network Glossary of terms is now available here:

It can be accessed any time via the side bar at

It is far from complete, but it has been gotten to a point that it is hoped you will find it quite useful.

I encourage everyone to bookmark it, use it, study it, contribute to it.

Just reading it and cross-referencing definitions against each other should help with understanding the network, and may help community members avoid confusion amongst ourselves by having better agreement on what our words mean.

Huge thanks to @dirvine for his time and attention in helping clarify a lot of the data to get the definitions as right as possible within the evolving nature of the network.

If you find it lacking or in error, or have suggestions about items or definitions, please feel free to contribute as provided for in the intro data to the glossary.


Good job!

Maybe you can add NFS, because that term is and will be confusing to the users.


We could always make a sing along video. :smile:

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Nice work @fergish This should be helpful for folks I am sure. We can also use this to trim and make more friendly names, reducing the barrier to entry even more. (Mpid -> PublicId etc.)


Great work @fergish !


To follow-up on @dirvine’s reply, the following terms have been changed recently:

  • MaidClient is now referred to as storage_client
  • MaidManager is now referred to as storage_client_manager
  • PmidNode is now referred to as storage_node
  • PmidManager is now referred to as storage_node_manager

I find them a great deal easier to wrap one’s head around :smile:

(source: [ on safe_vault repository][1]):


Definitely an asset Great job @fergish

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Thanks for putting these forward. I hadn’t discovered this yet. I’ll work to incorporate them soon.

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