Safe Network for secure telemedicine!

Greeting fellow Safers! I started a conversation a few days ago about the cooperative we are starting called Khepera Sustainability Cooperative Association. Our mandate, if you remember, is to biotransform human waste to utilize the nutrient value to create revolutionary new economic engines. We plan to make the Safe Network a main management tool. There are very many cool things we feel Safe Network can handle well, including a coming service we plan to set up eventually for international telemedicine as a part of the cooperative… Here is an article about the very things we see the network tackling:

Anyone else had any ideas in this area or know someone involved in digital sovereignty doing something like it?


There are so many inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities in the way telemedicine is currently conducted with over-inflated overhead going to administrators (most of whom have no medical training) that don’t add any value other than (in relatively rare instances) capital. In fact, there are a number of doctors in my family, and I recently discussed what it could look like to start an optimized telemedicine effort. I’m very curious to hear your take on this.