SAFE Network for Organizations

What are the advantages of a private SAFE-like network for an organization? I read somewhere that Maidsafe is/will be working with organizations to deliver decentralized networking solutions. I would like to understand why an organization would be interested in running a private SAFE-like network.

My knowledge of networking is limited, but I still would like to get a general understanding of how a SAFE-like network would be useful for an organization.

Many thanks!


Think of the advantages that the global SAFE network will provide and mold them for a business

For example in a business

  • most servers are replaced
  • password security is no longer a problem for being hacked from internal or external actors
  • Data is always backed up on the network itself
  • load is spread across the organisation
  • only need to do the regular off-site backup and could argue for it being done less regularly
  • etc

Some issues would be the need to update their programs to use the new APIs

Now many and quite rightly argue that the organisations should just join the global network and enjoy greater security and not require as many of their machines be capable of running vaults.


Fascinating! So organizations can reduce the number of machines needed to run their network by running vaults and reducing the number of servers, provided their non-server machines are capable of running vaults. And it seems the network would be more secure in this case.

I agree that many organizations, especially those that already use cloud services, would be well-served by joining the global SAFE network, which acts as a more secure cloud than the server-based one. As I understand, one only pays for uploading data to the global network, so businesses may actually save on data costs.