Safe Network file management and migration from other services

We’re expecting, well some of us are probably expecting, a filesystem API and applications which use Safe Network as a backend storage.

I’m not sure how much this might have changed since @danda and I were looking into this area for Linux and Windows desktops but regardless, I don’t think we have thought much about integrating Safe Network storage with other storages (desktop, mobile and cloud), or easing migration between those other storages and SN.

So this topic is a place to think about the latter, not whether SN will have a filesystem, but how this might look for people who are still using other storages as well, and how we might make migration or use of multiple storages seemless and easy.

I don’t have much to say about this right now myself, but I was prompted to create the topic by stumbling across spacedrive which is a project designed to solve this problem across the aforementioned ‘other storages’:

spacedrive might act as a template, source of inspiration, or might be something that could be extended to include Safe Network storage as an option.


I personally feel like this is a problem that doesn’t require a solution. Simply having a mountable drive that would allow you to copy/paste stuff between your other cloud mountable drives seems like a simple solution that a large majority of people would utilize rather than use a secondary tool for the job.

@happybeing Have you tried to install this yet?

Be prepared for a LOT of missing dependencies. Think I’ll wait until its a little more mature. AFAICS the docs are totally inadequate and as ever with node-based projects you spend more time sorting node and its bits than the actual project itself.

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Let me know if you ever get past pnpm prep then I might have another shot at it.

You’ll likely need to install ffmpeg and possibly some other things before you can build the core, and some people have been encountering TypeScript errors which we are looking into. The project is still in very early stages, but thanks for checking it out!


ffmpeg was only one of the dependencies I already installed. libssl-dev, libclang-dev and libav*-dev as well.

Thanks for responding so quickly, please check out the project and let us know if you see room for co-operation.

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