Safe Network FAQ

Hi, I started gathering information from this forum, to create a point of reference, so that it was easier to find information, that is scattered around here:

GitHub - loziniak/safenet-faq: Gathering information from Maidsafe forum (edit: repo is moved, see below:)

I added some content, just to show how I see it. From now on, I’ll try to add info there each time I find some up-to-date facts. Let me know what you think about it,

Any contributions welcome in form of PRs (it’s easy to edit it online, see screenshot below) or issues.

@Southside , perhaps it could be made a community project ?



((obraz ))

I hope it’s ok that I’ve treated is as “Yes”:

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Absolutely :slight_smile: Oui Ja Si Tak, proszę pana, proszę śmiało z moją pełną aprobatą

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Hahaha you were the only public member of the organization, I thought, that you’re the only one :slight_smile:


Ok, now I discovered there are actually two community organizations, I treated them as one. That’s somehow confusing… :woozy_face:


Ah that was a screwup – @folaht started that but he hasnt been seen for months.

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I keep getting caught up with world politics and life.

Don’t you have shared ownership of the community I started?

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