Safe Network Download?

I am seeing the developers area on GitHub. Is there a download or a sign up I’m missing for the non-developers out here just wanting to try it out? This seems like something I would like to begin using and providing feedback on. Also, is this available on Linux? Sorry if this answered somewhere else. I tried searching to find the answer here. Thanks a lot!


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The team is still working on a stable network.

There was a test network a month ago or so, but it uncovered some issues. The powers at be are working hard on getting a new stable version out to test however.

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Sounds good. Thanks for the info! I guess I’ll just keep lurking here learning what I can in preparation for their next release!


Yes there was a handful (6 or so?) of test networks—and then they decided to work on a whole bunch more things, ideas ever evolving even in this late stage as it should be to reduce complexity and get as close to the original vision as possible. Those test networks were CLI and so should the next ones. There are updates every Thursday showing which “things/ideas” are [newly] being worked on.

It is not known when the next test networks will be available. But, it hasn’t been discussed specifically in awhile. So while “When will the first beta version be available?” is a question that should never be asked: asking periodically when the next test networks will be available may be able to be answered by one or some of the developers? It may continue to be a case where they periodically go back and forth between 1) test networks and 2) focusing on rewiring/refactoring the code, or both at the same time of course.

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Depends on your abilities, you can play with some stuff if you use the correct versions.
You will also need to be ok with using the command line?
(But what you can use is dated now)

I am a long-time Linux user. The command like is my friend :slight_smile: I have minimal coding/scripting skills, though. I am used to installing from GitHub, as well. Usually, there’s some sort of installation instructions or procedure. I just wasn’t seeing anything, and the apps said they weren’t up anymore, so I was just wondering. I am happy to read and wait, or if I figure some more things out, then I’ll jump in.


You won’t be able to miss it once it’s up (It’ll be pinned at the top of the forum). Previous iterations have been dead simple to get going, a few commands to set up, then exploring the cli to see the guts of the network.


I just tried the latest releases and progress has definitely been made since my last attempt but I was not able to retrieve any data yet.

If you use sn_cli v0.33.3 and (node) safe_network v0.9.1 you should be able to have a play around.

You can:
curl -so- | bash
safe node install
Then switch out the latest versions in ~/.safe to those above.

instructions on using the cli here ignore anything related to Auth


sn_node-0.9.1 from Github and the latest sn_cli worked together ok for me a few days back.
When I get back home later I will post proper links.
EDIT @Josh has the details above.

latest failed for me today with 0.9.1

I ll check that when I get home. Ta.

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try your script on the latest releases if you have time, I cannot retrieve the data but it appears to upload at blistering speed. (but then is it really uploading)