SAFE Network Development Summary – May 2017

Just spotted a tweet about this blog post SAFE Network Development Summary – May 2017.

I wholeheartedly approve of this sort of clarity - not sure why a link wasn’t posted here by MaidSafe though… Will there be an update every month?


Yes we will make these summary posts more of a regular thing, John, and you’re right, I should have thought to post a link on the forum. Cheers for picking up the slack!


Great update/writeup @nicklambert these things are always great to read so thank you for bringing them to us!


Not sure if I can post this here:
Long time ago (a year or more) there was a docker image that @dirvine made for us to try out.
That was really interesting. I have a Synology NAS with ~7TB sitting idle, that would be ideal to run SAFE on.
Is there, or will there be, another docker image to try out - for current/future SAFE versions?

I own also a synology and smoe while back I made this docker image which worked pretty good…
Nice thing was you could run multiple vaults at once.

Here is the link with example… once there are back vaults from home I’ll replace it by the new version ok