SAFE Network Dev Update - September 6, 2018


Hi Sonder,
I completely agree with David. You’re more than welcome to join. The talk will be technical, but by being a regular on the forum you’ll probably have more of a context than most attendees. Also it’s an occasion to meet and have a chat around a beer after the event :beer:

If the field that asks for LinkedIn or GitHub can’t be skipped, I would create an empty LinkedIn profile and if there is a field with “additional comments”, I would explain there that I’m not on the platform but am into tech and follow the SAFE Network.


@nicklambert @pierrechevalier83
Thanks for the advice. I have sent the organiser a little message, and created a Linkedin. All booked now anyway, I have the ticket in my email, although they probably haven’t reviewed me yet, and I have my train ticket, so unless I have problems with the organisers, I’ll see some of you there :slight_smile:


Have a great time guys.

Old stomping ground KCL. They taught me how to become an engineer. Wish my calendar was free.


Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night @Sonder! :smile:



Since the network has been reset, can I get a new invite?


If you haven’t got one since reset then just go to the invite site and get one. That has been reset too.

Otherwise we can easily get you a new one


Oh, I thought I had to specifically request it every time.


Just for the 2nd and 3rd etc. do you need to request a new one


No no, I’m still on my first one for now.


But I do have a problem:

Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network


I forgot to set IP.
It’s working now!


Web Hosting Manager 0.5.0 released today.

  • Upgrade Node JS to ^8.0.0
  • Upgrade electron to 1.8.8 which solves reported security vulnerabilities
  • Upgrade @maidsafe/safe-node-app to dev branch branch of safe_app_nodejs Github repo
  • WebId compatibility
  • CI config updated for new repository
  • CI config to release mock builds