SAFE Network Dev Update - September 5, 2019

Great work Maidsafe! So many great updates and articles…that even this article got overshadowed

Nice overview which we really needed :slightly_smiling_face:


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no. 3 should be 6th.
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Thanks so much to all of the entire team for all of your hard work. The progress is accelerating.


Woot! Woot! 20charcters


Another great update! Welcome @oetyng!


:smiley: huge congrats and props to @oetyng! We’re a lucky bunch to have ya.

Really looking forward to this and how on boarding will be handled and some of the unique things mentioned like invites with account creation balances included! Sounds great to me. I’m imagining some kind of system where what isn’t used to create invite accounts gets credited or something. I’m sure the folks @maidsafe will whip that one like they do everything else they come across. I’ve sniffed out the figma for SNAPP and it is sharp looking :sunglasses:

Another thing to look forward to! The ability to link data, search that data, etc will be something so valuable for everyone.

Great progress folks. Looking forward to phase 2 and everything in between!


@oetyng joins the team :tada:

What a pleasant surprise! Rocket fuel. :rocket:

Perhaps you could wrap the linux version in a docker container for windows? Unsure if that would be more or less work. Someone here must be a docker expert?


Great news, @oetyng! The core team just keeps getting more and more solid.


Could you elaborate on this? Are these tests outsourced, what’s the demographic?
I assume you are using folk who are green to the project?
Pain points, insights… sorry dont want to distract you too much.

This is really cool.


@maidsafe, great update as always. This becoming the norm, so what will you guys do for something extraordinary? @dirvine lets his famous jacket deliver the news?

Excited to see this happen. Good luck in your new position @oetyng

Agreed and hopefully that will be implemented. Maybe increase the tone of warnings if the person does not upgrade for a long period. Maybe the tone can be a part of the upgrade details obtained when checking for updates. Some updates maybe cosmetic and the need to upgrade is very minimal, and some maybe urgent because of security issues. Thus the user can be told of the need and decide for themselves.

You will need to find a way because good security practice is to delay implementing updates till some evaluation has been done, even if it is listening to reports of the effectiveness of the update.

Maybe in the console program (separate from vault service) for the vault have somewhere an update available is shown for those who do not have automatic update enabled.

Also some people will not be restarting their vault and may have them running for months at a time without updates.

Even with background services it is possible to alert the user to an update. Linux has their update manager that alerts the user to updates. Windows has their (win 7 at least since win 10 craps over you) update notification pop up on the task bar.

So it is definitely possible to alert the user to an update pending for the vault even though it is a service.


So is there a test coming soon that uses “Safecoins” alongside invites?

If not, I don’t really understand this sentence


Well since we have test Safecoin I’m sure we’ll be seeing that rather than actual Safecoin which would require all the puzzle pieces in place, basically Maxwell or beyond. Nice to see these kinds of things being rolled out for the community to vet and leave feedback before we even get to actual Safecoin. A lot of things happening in parallel and this will help us launch with all thrusters.


Great thanks :+1:

Which week was this released? On my last desktop test with Alpha 2 I didn’t see any coins mentioned on the browser etc. Also nothing like that on the Mobile browser either. I only used invites. Was a few weeks ago though.

No worries, I meant test safecoins, by saying it in quotes. How are they being used now? Just in a specific coin app? Or truly for PUTs? Thx again.


Firing on all cylinders again. You guys will get a speeding ticket soon. Looks like all the September deliverables are well in hand. Just Node Ageing to go after that before Flemming.


safecoin instead of invites. The invite server has done it’s job and is only needed for alpha II but not for any further tests.

For all places safecoin will be used in release, so Puts are enabled with test safecoin for payment. PhaseI does this, when you put your account is checked and you had to pay for the transaction.


Test safecoin is not a part of the alpha-2 network. It is a part of Phase 1. The local / shared vault has the ability to handle safecoin transfer requests which you can send from the Safe CLI.
You can find more info in this post: New Release: Vault Phase 1 (real vault)


You can use safecoin to create multiple coin balances which can be managed via wallets, all from the safe CLI. The concept of “PUTs” is deprecated and replaced with safecoin payments. So you upload a website to the network and pay for it using safecoin :slight_smile:


It is great to see this change coming to fruiting so quickly. Combined with the invites using SAFECoin for new users, it feels like many problems are being elegantly solved here.

These invites should give good organic growth and help people to feel introduced to the SAFENetwork community. As it will also prevent new account spamming, it is a double win IMO.


We are talking here about how we on-board new users to the complete Network without them owning any Safecoin upfront, and without running a vault.

The strategy we are testing here is an existing account holder gifting a small amount of Safecoin to a new user—just enough to allow them to create an account packet, plus a perhaps smidge extra to allow them to do a few other things like create a SafeID, send a thank you message etc. This has to be packaged up in a way that it is easy to transmit across existing clearnet channels and in person, and also simple to understand and redeem.

That’s been the basis of the testing so far. How do people totally new to the Network understand the options they have to get up and running? And how do we design a process that they are comfortable with, and can enable them to get to grips with the new paradigm of paying their way upfront, rather than by having their privacy abused or being advertised to.


This shouldn’t have actually been published yet but thanks for sharing!