Safe Network Dev Update - September 3, 2020

You know what they say about second and the best… :wink:

Now to read!

This is great! Thanks, Adam and Qi! :smile:


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :racehorse:



The time run fast and the SAFE Network is now Safe Network :wink:


Sounds like some serious tidying is happening across the board. As all these parts all are simplified, made into modules, and officially tied together then we’ll be having some real fun with a helluva updated SafeNetwork


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Fantastic work once again team as this thing is welded together. I think the time and effort spent on crdt and fuse is well worth it, as is dropping parsec for more elegant systems of ants. There will be a ton of skepticism at launch and quick wins for users and developers is part of the UX that will blow people’s socks off.


Nice suggestion about connecting the words. Well done to the team as always… keep your mind, body and spirit… not long now.


Thanks Maidsafe devs.

Great work Adam and Qi, hopefully parsec is out the sandbox soon

It also let wealthy people know where to store their… :crazy_face:

:+1:t2: looks good and might be :duck: :duck: goable

Keep up the hacking super ants


Thanks for another week of hard work everyone, and thanks especially to folk who answered my data questions earlier in the week!

Can’t say I’ve got any strong opinions about the name change, but really nice to see things like that getting tidied up, as well as all the tidying up on the code side as well. Feels like it’s moving towards something…


I’ve been following the project in 2015-2017 but sold all my coins some time in 2017. Got back here 3 years later and had to create a new account as I didnt remember my credentials . Hi all!
I would consider one day buying some coins as I cannot see any contender for new web except maybe filecoin to take over a major part of the crypto mcap in the future.
Can someone ensure me that this project will actually deliver? or Is this still a big unknown ? I mean In 2017 the release was supposed to be nearing, now 3 years later there is no working product yet afaik. I didnt follow updates, maybe I should read them but maybe anyone care to answear. thanks!


Delivery is not guaranteed, however it seems more real than it ever has before. There has been a juggling of many major components that have changed in 3 year, in theory all for the better, and while I’m the last guy to give you a tech run down of where we are at, having a live working product, inclusive of many of the components that we expected to have to wait for a later iteration for, seems to be now measured in months not years.


So why would you bet on Safe Network where there release is an unknown and there is filecoin which is going live in 2 weeks, they are competitors right?

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I’ve been following this project from 2014 and the team is extremely open. You can follow every storyline for any hold up in release through the weekly development updates. The whole history of the project is here for anybody to review and ask questions about. Go follow them on Github and tell me how much confidence you have from what’s shown there. - MaidSafe · GitHub The next major release of the network will renew a lot of interest.


Scroll down for green ticks…

It’s been solid steps forward and a learning process in places but very encouraging. One of the best projects and more likely than most to deliver a product.


I am not sure filecoin (yet) can manipulate/edit files on it’s network. I know they were looking at crdt a while back but not sure they got there. I may be wrong. They certainly use a very similar (almost exactly) story about what they are doing, but perhaps a little more focused on the money and much larger machines.

All in all competition in innovation should be encouraged at all levels. I know they guy who started filecoin was looking to meetup for a while but then they did a huge ipo and hired a ton of talent, so let’s see how it all turns out. Them like us I hope are just keen the world gets this opportunity to free ourselves from the large corporate and government spying etc. Inclusive, cheap and highly available information is a good goal.


Alright, for me the uncertainty is still too high to put any money in for now, I will follow the updates and see where the project goes from here, hopefully in months not years there will be a working product. I really admire you guys holding on here for so many years. You have insane patience.

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Some would say we are crazy

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There would’ve been an unsatisfactory product 100x by now—but e.g. PARSEC etc. etc. wasn’t enough; and now there’s more than 2x less code ever since the not too distant PARSEC days and other refactors. The only thing preventing release is a little more time & deciding that you can’t get a truly perfect product, but can get one much closer than anything that brings bulky slowness against the original ideals for the Network. Of course, at some point it must be weighed that maybe some point in the future actually is a little too far IMO, as there’s a limit to most everything.


Guessing on a timeline is a futile effort as far as this project goes. If I were attempting it, I would ask each individual backend developer on the MaidSafe team in an anonymous poll how long they think it will be before a v1 product is released. Then I would probably take the longest timeline suggested there and multiply it by 3 to get my rough estimate(cause most devs always estimate wayyy too early) on the most likely time till a product is cranked out. And if most believe they can’t even offer up a general idea of when they think it will be ready, there likely must be a few unknowns and tasks so its best to just grind away until a super clear picture is painted.