SAFE Network Dev Update - September 27, 2018


100% so, we did speak with them mind you. I believe that NAT traversal and encrypted comms are essential as well as bootstrap cache, I just wish others did or had an answer to home computers being full nodes automatically.


Be careful what you ask for here ;o)

Windows 10 now has this build-in “Delivery Optimization” …


Windows 10 Update Download Mode

By default Windows 10 Update uses peer to peer downloading. If you don’t want to update other peoples Windows 10 from your system you will need to Edit the Download Mode. Asking Microsoft about how/where to edit this will get you the Royal Runaround treatment q;

 @echo off
  TITLE Kill Switch for Microsoft P2P Update Options
  echo.           º                 Microsoft Windows 10 Pro                 º
  echo.           º              Windows 10 P2P  Update Options              º
  echo.           º              Bandwidth getting out of hand?              º
  echo.           º                Tame Microsofts P2P Update                º
  echo.           º          Stop Wear and Tear of your Hard Drives          º
  echo.           º                  P2P Update Kill Switch                  º
  echo.           º  A    0 = HTTP only, no peering                          º
  echo.           º  B    1 = HTTP blended with peering behind same Nat      º
  echo.           º  C    2 = HTTP blended with peering across a prive group º
  echo.           º  D    3 = HTTP blended with Internet Peering             º
  echo.           º  E   99 = Simple download mode with no peering           º
  echo.           º  F  100 = Bypass mode. Do not use Delivery Optimization  º
  echo.           º                     Press Q  to exit                     º

How we help keep your data safe

Delivery Optimization can’t be used to download or send personal content.


The knowlege that you guys have, to be able to make SAFE p2p through routers is admirable. From the little experience I have with routers and port forwarding and so on, if there is a digital hell it would sure to be routers. :grinning:


So are you talking of versions of immutable or as @happybeing is talking of mutable data?

I re-read the discussion and it seems you are referencing immutable data versions. Is this data maps or chunk addresses?

Or if mutable data then is EVERY MD versioned? If so then that would mean safecoin MDs are versioned and thus a full history of SAFEcoin transactions are being kept and thus a ledger.

ALL MDs being versioned represents a huge amount of storage since databases, temp data, coin transfers, etc will make the blockchain ledgers look miniscule when you keep all the versions of every single database’s records.

For SD’s it was only *available* if requested. For instance SAFEcoins in SD’s were not versioned (unless a receipt requested) since a big selling feature was that no history of transactions were to be kept.

Now is it MD versions are possible, OR all MDs will have all versions kept? Any field changes and you keep the whole previous MD version, and this procedure applies for every MD?

Since keeping versions for ALL MDs would mean that safecoins would have their versions kept too and that would mean SAFEcoin transaction histories and supposedly this was not the case??

I am confused as to MD versioning. Is it an optional thing or for all MDs?


Hopefully the RFC won’t be long!


cant see any info about this in the update so i will ask -have one of the main devs for routing (Parsec) Pierre left the company ? Cant see him active in github for some time now .


I didn’t see anything in the update. I think that is jumping to conclusions a wee bit too quickly I’d say. One week without something about Pierre and you think he might have left???

We get told in the updates (or other topic) when someone is about to leave. Well up to now we are told.

But of course when I read them (topics that is) I saw he was involved in some talks away from the office. @pierrechevalier83

Just sept 27th SAFE Network: London - Meetup


Hi Starsmick, definitely didn’t leave the company. On holidays for a couple of weeks, and I’m using the opportunity to mostly disconnect from the internet. I’m back on Friday 12/10 :smile:


I think somebody else needs a holiday so he can chill out a little. :beach_umbrella: :grin:


great if you can fund me some holidays will be more than happy!


I’d like to see @starsmick based in the Maidsafe office so he can stand over everyone’s shoulder and make sure they are working :joy:


sure, i can do it, just need some reasonable salary ofc.


I was joking of course. Your policing of every maidsafe movement is already the equivalent of standing over someone’s shoulder and watching them work…


He is on holiday, but from time to time some devs will not commit on github, that is normal, Coding is a small part of building this network. I am not sure why you are always looking on the dark side for explanations if somebody leaves we state that in the updates, same with joiners. Do you really need even more assurance than that?

Github is an extremely bad method of checking what is happening. 2 years ago I had more commit across libs than most crypto projects in total. This year I have much much more code done, but barely anything on GitHub apart from some playing around. It is a very bad indicator. If you think devs pushing code continually is a good project, then that would mean they design whilst coding, or do not design at all, how bad do you think that would be?

Please calm down man, it is exhausting defending mad accusations weekly.


Some people have a hair-trigger and with 75-95% of projects in this arena being scams or failing they become super sensitive to any perceived changes. Especially if they have overbought the project’s coins.

@starsmick, the info on the project is in the updates not just hiring/firing and if not then it is in a special topic. There are a lot of people here watching them and will raise warning bells within a couple of weeks if things go belly up. But up to now there has not been any real problems apart from funding a long while ago and that was sorted out in a professional manner without anyone outside of Maidsafe needing to get concerned at all.

And hey @starsmick, how about a bit of common curtsey and acknowledging the information and apologising for any angst caused by the inappropriate question. You could have asked in a less aggressive manner if you absolutely could not wait to find out through any updates if it was true (which it wasn’t).


If he did that then how could he achieve his 3rd party micromanagement grasp :smiley:

I imagine it would go something like this(Pierre on left, Starsmick right. Just reviewing some Parsec together of course!) :



Wrong chick champ


I heard there’s another young fella commencing an epic safenet 2.0 project in the not too distant future. Perhaps there will be a project manager job pop up there :wink: