SAFE Network Dev Update - September 26, 2019

And still no version for 32-bit Linux which a huge segment of the world’s public access terminals operate on!

Who cares about those who cannot afford the latest tech…

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It is open source, no cop-out but you can compile it yourself. Also the work needed right now is launch focused so we cannot cope with every tier. Will be different on launch I am sure, but 32bit linux/windows/mac is now niche and very poorly supported by even the companies with billions of £ to spend. So we hear you but we must be diligent with our resources.

Compile it and see what you think though, it may just work for you.


I don’t have the know-how to compile, and without root access since I’m on a public library terminal, maybe I wouldn’t even be able to if I had the necessary skill.

I only hope that some will make this effort on behalf of the many who find themselves in similar circumstances as myself. Preferably so that we can also be part of the process during the development period.

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How about supporting the team in getting any target platforms to the finish line instead? Complaining you can’t use experimental software, designed primarily for developers, when you confess not to be technical, isn’t very constructive.


In that case you may not have the ability to install a compiled version. Lets see what happens on launch. I would cross compile for anyone if it will help. It is no big issue and very easily solved but you may need access to install, public access terminals probably wont work for your use case. In any case let us get launched first.


Sorry, I should have asked this before - what platform are you on when you encounter this issue?


Windows 10 [20 characters]


There was a browser earlier on that I was able to install. I got the link to it here on the forum.

Anyway, I can wait. Surely, the wait now cannot be too long


Thanks for the hard work of the whole team! Things seem to be picking up speed! :tram::railway_track::tram:

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :slight_smile:новини-26-9-2019/


Thanks - I did find a similar Windows only bug that has now been fixed and retested on the latest code. We are currently working to release a patch update so hopefully once that’s out you won’t see this any more.


I can’t get the page to load.

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from Bulgaria is loading normally … Probably the ISP has a problem …


This feels like a very unfair and low charge against me. And it’s based on a straw man, i.e. that only technically competent people can contribute in the testing out of software. I’ve been contributing giving feedback and submitting error reports on developing software for more than 25 years.

And I’m a little surprised that so many liked your reproach of me and none could say against it, telling you what I just wrote.

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Its not what you said but how you said it.
I dont think you meant it maliciously but it did come across that way.


Remember this poll?

We and a bunch of others are still in for the most accurate guess.


Perhaps, but @Traktion’s rebuke was against my complaint as such, not the way it was formulated.

They reason I gripe about the 32-bit issue is because it acts (even though that obviously isn’t intended) as a targeted exclusion of the segment of the least financially strong. I believe we who fall into that segment may not simply represent an average of all potential users but are having unique perspectives that should be acknowledged as probably very useful. Apart from the fact that we are the voice of the disenfranchised.

And please don’t respond that “this project will do so much in the way of empowering the disenfranchised so please shut up!” - because the disenfranchised don’t want to be simply clientele, recipients of good deeds, we, the dispossessed, wish to be participants in the creation of the tools that eventually will benefit us greatly also. And that ought to be acknowledged as a valuable goal in itself, not simply as a bonus.

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Here is the problem, my attention goes from your points to the way in which you communicate them.
We are all here to help each other and civility is the first step in doing so.


Was I being uncivil? I made one pointed statement (several iterations back), whiny perhaps but not uncivil even as I can see. I doubt that is the reason why the criticism against me had that many likes.

ETA: I realize you were now (probably?) addressing the “so please shut up!” part of my last comment, and not what I wrote in my first comment in this thread. That obviously wasn’t even me speaking against anyone but merely me taking a hypothetical, and again pointed, stand against myself. Still, I don’t see how your point about uncivility applies.

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What is vault 3 ? I am sorry to ask but I am new to this fourm


Vaults 3 is where Farming and Test Safecoin are added to Vaults 2