SAFE Network Dev Update - September 20, 2018

I was trying to calculate (for my own information) whats left to be done for Alpha 3 to be live- except PARSEC , if i may ask are the 3 remaining tasks already discussed, speced out, or are there still some detials which remains unresolved?
-Secure message relay
-SOLID integration

Im asking as a non tech guy, woundering if any of those tasks are as complex and difficult as Parsec to complete, thanks in advance!

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Are already done, using a mock of PARSEC, integrating PARSEC instead of mock may be some work.

This is more alpha4. alpha3 will have no data.


I was looking on the timeline on the website, and the tasks are listed as to be done before Alpha 3, might be good to update it then.

According to your response, we are quite close to Alpha 3 , hope that is the case, and we will make it until end of this year :slight_smile:

I see the confusion there if you try and associate the tasks with the alphas, although it would mean alpha3 & 4 need the same components. It is not supposed to represent that detail/timeline, but all the stuff needed for alpha4 really, if you look at it that way.

Anyhow, if you keep in mind alpha3 is secure routing, no data and alpha4 includes data then it makes more sense.

Maybe a disjoint of the level of detail in the updates as opposed to that site. We should keep checking the message is clear there.


Yes, the timeline layout is not the cleanest, i think many will agree



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