SAFE Network Dev Update - September 12, 2019

No need to explain anything!

Thanks @Traktion for the context. I didn’t know @Nadia’s history before that. How did you find it? Did I miss a Introduce Yourself post?

Still would like to see a little web page or short video or anything about all the exciting new personalities working at MaidSafe and pushing it forward. Feel like you all are unsung heroes.

I’ll definitely even offer to help put something like that together for you guys once things die down a little for me here. Could help draft etc

If it only seems like a cool or interesting idea to me though I’ll let it go though. Others can let me know if anyone else would appreciate that also


“Bondförnuft” in Swedish.
Same difference. :slight_smile:


I’m more than happy to explain whatever I can. Don’t apologise :smiley:

I snuck in while no one was watching :laughing:

We’ve recently updated the About Us page on the maidsafe site with some of our bios, so that’ll give you a quick overview about me (I’m also on LinkedIn if you wanted more detail).


Many thanks to the whole team for their hard work! :bowing_man: :rocket: :bowing_man:

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :slight_smile:новини-12-9-2019/


Great work Maidsafe devs,

This is all going so fast…

Thanks for creating real value in the world Maidsafe devs, not many doing that anymore.



@Nadia Great description of the Maidsafe project methodology!

Your simplified “i.e. why did we over/underestimate” description is very similar to the “human resource allocation optimisation” or “care capacity” methodology which I believe is key to achieving the path to the "true decentralised price network/global flat playing field” safe vision and in time underpin the design and use of genetic algorithms on safe.

The two key system/decision points in the benchmark Care Capacity application are

i. roster re-engineering
ii. variance response

which also provides the predictive modelling start pt. This is in a system where the resources being rostered account for 70% of the total cost with demonstrable outcomes improvements & cost reductions of 20%+.

I note the Marketing Update comment re the plan to steer in the direction of focus primarily on DApp developers. We are looking at a safe CCDM dApp Epic, story & tasks design to leverage off this existing opportunity.

The objective is to create a generic CCDM dApp template in context of the safe commons/data marketplace/public utility goal, broken down into chunks i.e. 3 project sections, with each section broken into smaller chunk projects or project workstreams and phases. So hopefully we can reach a point where we can simply compare our Epic Stories to implement.:smiley:


One of my psychology professors would open his lectures by saying: “Common sense is the least common of the senses”.

Actually the concept of “common sense” doesn’t exist, as it is highly dependent on our personal experiences, and it is in its essence an egocentric assumption that everything that happens to oneself must be the same on everyone else.

That is why there is this seemingly ironical effect on homogeneous groups that tend to make more mistakes than heterogeneous groups, because those who are from the same culture are assuming that it is self-explanatory and only needs one brief explanation which leads to misunderstandings; on the other hand if they aren’t from the same culture you might ask for confirmation that he really understood what you meant and the listener would also ask for confirmation to be sure he understood what you said, which reduces and/or eliminates the chances of misunderstandings.

Studying semiotics was a great eye opener to me, I never assume that I was able to convey my ideas to the listener in the first try.


I like that!

I’m also being perfectly serious when I say my chickens are among the most sensible creatures I know. They are the absolute logical empiricists.

If worm, then eat.
If hawk, then escape under the house.
If raccoon dog, then escape to the roof.
There is evidence that, when the large creature with the green hat says “kom, kom, kom”, tasty seeds appear. Therefore, if “kom, kom, kom” is heard, run to get the seeds from the creature’s hand.

Simple, clean, perfect.


We’ve also got some video content where we chat to a handful of the team - we find about a bit about them and what they do here in the company. We haven’t done one in a wee while so if there is anyone in particular you’d love to hear from then let me know :wink:


I have brought this up a long while ago so perhaps my eyes are wonky and nobody else feels this is an issue.

When the logo is used with this shaded border it gives the impression that angles are off.
I find it hard to believe it is not noticeable to others as it drives me up the wall. :confounded:

If it is just me… fine. The wall and I can make friends.


I agree. I haven’t been fond of the safe browser icon either. Maybe update it to be in a circle or something else if it’s desired to be definitive but the current icon isn’t really cutting it, especially matched up against all the other UI improvements that have been happening.

Just a matter of opinion I suppose. This is meant to be constructive criticism.


Put a straight edge up and check. From the image you posted it seems to be an optical illusion due to the “shadow” under the hexagon causing the illusion the upper angles are different to the lower ones and side to side.

In any case not a good look and needs changing


I agree that it is an illusion but that illusion is very off putting.


Yeah, we’ll get to a nice icon set at some point (it’s on the to-do list) but as I’ve said before, we are focusing on usability and core functionality first, and then the layer of look/feel later.


Yeah I should have added that as an underlying understanding. I don’t think it’s any rush and it is just a niggle but something to tick off the ol’ list when the important stuff is delivered. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


As @Nigel said there is no implied request to do this now. Just something to put on the todo list for later on.


After reading my comment it seems I may have appeared overly negative in my wording.
I could have phrased it better, sorry it was not intended to come across that way.

I know it is trivial in the grand scheme of priorities but these kind of things bother me far more than it should. :slightly_smiling_face:


All good guys, no negativity, nor nagging taken. Just letting you know it’s on the list :grinning:


No way man, nobody would pitch you as negative. You should see our internal slack, all we care about is honesty. I am taken the wrong way a lot, time, speed, typos as well are all to blame. Never worry :smiley: :smiley:


Hey that’s awesome I’ll definitely watch these. Didn’t know about them. I’ll definitely keep up with these “SAFE Buzz” videos!