SAFE Network Dev Update - October 31, 2019

I’m one of those who always thought it was way too early to spend any serious resources on marketing, and I think it still is. But I don’t see anyone “sugarcoating” anything.


Thinking back to when I first discovered this project. There were the early marketing videos I am sooooooo greatfull for opening my eyes to this project.

I don’t think anything has been wasted.

I really appreciate the marketing getting me in this project before launch. This is all from a personal greed perspective eh, but man, I would have been so pissed if I found out about this project when the coins got to €300

Think about how we each found and fell in love with this project. Definitely a little marketing magic.


Only those involved in the decisions know why they were made and why it turned out to be wrong in retrospect.

I was surprised at the time, but took it as a sign we were in the home straight. The latter is indeed the case, so maybe the spend was more than anticipated or the funding affected by other factors like the market. We don’t know.

What is positive for me is how effectively this was dealt with, and where we are now. I’m very sad that such a great team has been lost, for them and for us, but the focus on delivery seems to be unaffected, and in no time at all we now have added a big funding cushion.

To me that is very positive for the project. We already know that we have a superb team of engineers and that the technical solution is ready.

VCs would kill to get a piece of Maidsafe at this stage, but having brought together such a great community, David and his to team have ensured the project can remain focused on its goals, and stay properly decentralised. It just confirms so much about what I’ve learned of David, the team, this community and the project since 2014.


You’re probably both right, @Zoki and @happybeing. I just dislike the word “marketing”, especially with no product to “market”. I would prefer “information” or something, but that’s probably just me being a grumpy old man.


Hi @dirvine, Could you or someone on your team please provide a very quick update on the academic review of PARSEC? Just looking for something like:

  • it is still being worked on

  • due to funding it is no longer a priority so do not expect it any time before launch

  • expecting it any day now

Much appreciated!


academia, timescales == we have no idea. Who is reviewing, we have no idea (you don’t get told). Right now we are not spending any time on that, we cannot affect it anyway.


Thank you for the quick response.


Thank you for the hard work team MaidSafe! NEVER bend your heads!

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :slight_smile:новини-31-10-2019/