SAFE Network Dev Update - October 25, 2018

Great update as every week! I would love to go to London and say hi to the team but it will have to be another time. The progress in the involvement with the SOLID community sounds fine too, as a chemist I support the RDF molecules :wink:


Maybe they will ‘like’ your post then? None so far…


Great update team! Strong progress and results. Glad to see the team growing and I’m looking forward to seeing routing and crust come together!

I will have to take a look at those java libs too, if they are now ready for prime time.


Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome!


Great to see a Doug Engelbart reference there @dugcampbell - his old demo is mindblowing. His vision of the web was also absolutely amazing. - also shoutout to Ted Nelson!

A fitting place for this I think:


Ah don’t worry we should be complete in a few more moans :wink: Then we will be to the moan man to the moan.


Whoohoo :tada: very nice guys! Thanks for consistently providing us these detailed and interesting updates.

The teams completed some enhancements to the Crust test and internal end-to-end testing of Crust Test v2 started today.

Do you already have a date for when Crust Test v2 will be open for us, so that we can :spider_web:? :blush:


Great stuff guys but damn that elusive Network engineer.


Network engineers are a special breed. Necessary, hard to find and hard to evaluate for a project like this ex ante. Good ones have a strange combination of OCD and artistry with a dash of black magic… this role may take some time to fill, but far better to do it right then to take the first that walks through the door.


:laughing: I forsee MaidSafe timelines described in terms of “moans” . We expect 346 more starsmick moans until parsec wrapped up. Then another 153 starsmick moans for Safecoin integration. Don’t forget the 236 starsmick moans it will take for finalized @ home vaults! So our best calculated guess is 735 starsmick moans to go :smiley: .


starsmick just became my new best friend. Moan starsmick, moan!


This got awkward real quick!


can I ask what is the state of work on sharding? i see in the timeline there is mentioned the sharding whitepaper, probably as a task for alpha 4 but there is any thing on the coding and implementing, is this already done or?

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Man another year is nearly gone what has maidsafe code been rewritten again?

okay - i’ll bite (for the safe of the younger followers of the project) - i guess you are talking about


which is listed under ‘next’

disjoint groups have been implemented long ago … ~2 years to be precise - and this is probably just the publication of the whitepaper and showing the world proof that the safe network does indeed solve the sharding problem …


Hey man, do you know what a research means?

Research comprises "creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications


Alpha3 - fleming will have sharding, alpha 2 has already but not as secure as we would wish. alpha3 increases that security. tl;dr sharding is done/being improved/will be part of the secure routing network known as safe-Fleming. Sharding had to be done before we could have a secure routing network, data chains required sharding to happen and sharding allows PARSEC to scale much simpler.

Data in a sharded network will be alpha4 though, not as tricky as we have secure message relay and all that sorted out. Alpha3 will be the most boring and the most important thing we ever release. It will be obscured by lack of bells and whistles, but underlying it is the critical components of one way of securing a fully decentralised network, none exist to date and some hopefully will in the future, but this is our version. Like tcp was boring but essential alpha3 will be the same, it will answer most of the questions and criticisms about why fully decentrlaised cannot exist, not by arguing they can, but by showing they do already and alpha3 is the worlds first.

One of these days I am gonna just make up a word and have folk ask about progress towards it and have people shout why its a critical component etc. In fact lets call it “Byzantine proof at a distance” (BPD). I can explain the details of it and show how we need BPD to carry out remote network proofs otherwise the network will fail.

_Come on BPD, we need to to happen now, we want to ask about it every weekly update and know who is working on it (Santa and the elves :slight_smile: ) BPD all the way :wink: _Of course we already have BPD as without it sharding is broken, but don’t tell just yet :wink:

Seriously though I did make up a protocol at a huge design meeting with some USA folks and Arabs in a very high level meeting once, it was something like a Time domain Refractive Internet Protocol, to handle poorly connected or partially connected comms lines, even space craft. The folks at the meeting were mad for it and realised it was essential. My Canadian co-worker never really forgave me for that one :slight_smile: It was OK though as after a meeting all is forgotten, as long as some folk can massage their ego and show their intelligence and technical prowess, all else is forgotten :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry for the sarcasm here, I just find it all funny at times.


hard to believe it will be boring Oo … i’m pretty sure i know a couple of people who will be super excited when it surfaces :wink:


That’s worth picking out:

Roll on alpha 3! :slight_smile:


David - this is excellent news!! Once we do prove it or are near - pls start planning a huge marketing/PR plan to push this news out as aggressively as possible in the short order.

Maidsafe mkt team should have all items outlined on how this huge marketing/pr push will be accomplished. PR releases should be ready in advance, news/blogs etc should also be written in advance and just slightly modified if needed, as the results are completed. Even waiting 2 weeks to reach all channels will make this news stale. This is BIG. If it is the world’s first ‘fully decentralized’ network then it demands that a official PR firm is engaged too to push the news through all channels. These that specialize in ICO campaigns are pretty good as they know how to reach all contacts - crypto enthusiasts, speculators and investors - all at the same time. Just a humble suggestion. I just want this news to be read by ‘EVERYONE’ in this space in a timely manner. Not 4 weeks later…