SAFE Network Dev Update - October 18, 2018


The team are curing the internet. From the mess, muck and disease of the current internet ‘petridish’ the ‘penicillin’ SAFENet appeared.

Awesome name



I like the debut of an internal code/release name for the different alphas, betas etc. when they become ready for community involvement. It was a little confusing at first though to figure out if Fleming was alpha 3 or only the crust test.


I agree, and there are some more nice tricks in addition to that, like using musl instead of GNU libc: this way all libraries will be included statically with the compiled binary, so it will work on all modern Linux distributions irrespective of their GLIBC version. That’s what we aim for in the next iteration :slight_smile:


Now we just need our own secure [musl-based OS + safe network] image to replace android. :wink:


Great! Keep up the good work team! The future in front of us is exciting!
ps: I love the name you gave to the Alpha 3: Fleming


The most famous game the team plays is “Fix the compile errors”, which happens all the time lol.

Although couple weeks back(I think) we had pizza night on a friday we had some of the team have their kids over who insta swapped the the screen to a console display for Fortnite :joy:


AHA! Fortnite play confirmed … lol.


As mentioned above, we’ve now stopped v1 of the Crust NAT Traversal test - see Conclusion of Crust Test (v1) for further details.

Thanks to every single person who took part! We truly appreciate all of the time and enthusiasm that you all showed in helping us get this vital information back. Roll on the next test! :smile:


Never heard before that there was a game called “Fix the compile errors” but it sounds fun, maybe it can be streamed on Twitch. :wink::joy:

Hope you have a great time in Berlin @dugcampbell :hamburger::poultry_leg::cut_of_meat::sunrise:


it is more fun than “debug routing mock crust tests”, that’s a horror game lol. loads enter, only few retain sanity by the time the game ends :wink:


Haha, think that I can somehow relate to that feeling, when connection failed on the test yesterday and opened up the router consol and saw something like “WAN IP is not your external IP” I got a pain in the chest and anxiety feeling. :joy:

Wish you @Viv and the team a nice weekend.
Now I got to catch some sun and have a beer on the balcony. :sunglasses:


that’s a horror game

Halloween is around the corner, so applicable :jack_o_lantern:. Also, I’m guessing that isn’t a gaming screen (100 Hz refresh rate etc…).

Anyway it was/will be nice to have with SAFE-Fleming something new to test :+1:


Thanks for the great update as always Maidsafe devs you gals/guys rock.

Really loved the Crust test :sweat_smile: and seeing so many ants connect :ant:

:+1: :+1:



Remember that if your ant had balls she’d be your unc