Safe Network Dev Update - October 15, 2020

How does this affect rfc0058 Reliable Message Delivery? I can’t tell if it’s a different thing completely, or augments it, or replaces it.

Sounds really interesting and I’m looking forward to reading more details about it when they become available.




Does this mean that infants are those nodes at age zero that are “waiting to join”? This question/confusion came up this week in @mav’s infiniteGB thread.


Idk the details, but seems like an augmentation from where I stand. Looks like the point is to reduce messaging overhead used to keep track of elders, especially during times when elders are being swapped in/out. Don’t think it affects the underlying messaging algorithm from my initial read-through. That’s just speculation, maybe somebody can confirm this.

Cool idea! Seems like CRDTs in a BFT setting complement each other naturally, and so could be an elegant way to deal with high churn rates.


It’s amazing how much this network has and continues to change even after such a long time since the alpha release. I have for a long time given up on keeping up with all the churn and just hope to some day see something that works. Today i decided to come check progress after a long time, and what i see is more fundamental changes and research projects announced (after abandoning the previously much hyped parsec). It’s all quite surreal.


This was an excellent update that describes just how close they are now. The fundamental changes are for the better and show foresight. I grinned ear to ear when reading this. Check in more frequently to see recent advances.


I can’t keep up with it all, but this update seems very exciting.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there isn’t and hasn’t been a clear and straightforward route to a game-changing technology that is beyond what the know state-of-the-art can achieve.

Earlier on, very well qualified people critiqued the Safe Network saying they can’t see how it could work, which was probably true given the best knowledge available at that point (and still today).

I love that the team has been pressing on to achieve something never before achieved, and don’t stop because several avenues along the way turn out to be dead-ends. That’s to be expected, and while I’m sure it can be exhausting when you don’t know if / when you’ll reach the end, the only people who ever will reach such goals are those who tenaciously keep at it.

Despite the uncertainties, the enormous value of the end-goal justify the efforts. I very much hope this team is rewarded by seeing a network emerge that turns the vision they have been working towards into a reality.


It is different. RMD is about ensuring message move across hops. DSB is about getting consensus and authority to perform an action. BAsically Initiator (Client etc.) gathers votes until he has a majority then aggregates them and send back the operation with the majority agreement attached. We used to have vaults do the agreeing/aggregating so this offloads that work.


Yes, but they start at age 4, so wait until the see 2^4 (16) churn events. The purpose is to allow tire kickers to not cause the network trouble as these Infants do nothing much and get nothing form the network. Once they prove themselves at least to stay on line as a farmer then they get a chance as they become an Adult.


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How long until a testnet?



As soon as possible. Sry we cannot be clear about a date (as usual)





but I think we are well past the Florida state line.


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I can’t wait to ride the Safe roller coaster!

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :dragon: