SAFE Network Dev Update - October 11, 2018


And here I am going to the snow and other cold spots for my holidays. Too much sun and beach here. SPF 50+ is lowest considered for outdoor work/play. :joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sunglasses::sunglasses:


My boyfriend is even fairer skinned than me and he says he needs to wear factor duffel coat to protect himself from the sun


Top update. Looking forward to Crust test next week :slight_smile:

Also really good to hear you have decided to get momentum going on collaboration with SOLID! Thanks @happybeing for providing the kick needed to get the ball rolling :smile: - working on this integration will be powerful for credibility and exposure and I would say will attract more developers and teams working in the personal data ecosystem. Particularly at a time where public awareness of personal data privacy and ownership is at an all time high, thanks to all the data breaches and news that came out of the facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. Keen to see progress in the coming months.


Great update Team. Thanks for all the work from each one of you!.


So much happening, including a testnet for those who understand it all. Can’t wait to hear the comments but really excited to see how Parsec goes with Routing , when we get to that. Well done to the team


β€œPeruse” was/is an awesome/classy name for a SAFE browser. Sad to see it go. :confused:

Can’t wait for the community Crust test. Very nice indeed! :sunny:
I hope nikita, spandan and povilasb have access to enough coffee and tea. Will be a busy week I’m sure.


Why did you like it so much?


Parsec is a new development/discovery and if I’m not mistaken an essential part of the network. What was the plan to make the network work prior to the discovery of Parsec?


Just group consensus(eventual consistency). Worth noting Parsec doesnt make group consensus redundant, if anything that’s a lot more beneficial depending on scenarios like ImmutData handling and so on where a strict order isnt ultra beneficial. The orig DataChains that @dirvine put together used eventual consistency to showcase its integration to routing. Parsec is another tool in the toolkit essentially similar to eventual consistency and comes with its benefits ofc of being able to provide a linked list for ordered sequence and makes certain reasoning/debugging a lot faster too.


hmhmmm - if you check the right events through group consensus instead of it being handled by parsec only then even a local 2/3 majority couldn’t do the really evil stuff :thinking: (or when doing it only every 1000s time that would reduce the probability for a successful (profitable) attack of a young network to pretty much zero :face_with_raised_eyebrow: - now this was a pretty interesting side note)