SAFE Network Dev Update - October 10, 2019

I can confirm it IS there - just very difficult to see right now. Looking forward to the next point release increasing the contrast as discussed above. On ubuntu 18.04…image

Another great update, what can I say that has not been put so eloquently before. All this hard work is paying off.


Yeah, it is tricky to see - the guys are working on it so hopefully we’ll get a patch / new release out soon.

Glad you appreciate the update!


Or perhaps as an alias for wallet transfer/sweep ? :rofl:


I downloaded the new Safe Network app, after I had deleted the Safe browser (as advised). It opened fine, I was able to install the browser from within the app. However, it appears it’s not connecting to the network and there is no way for me to do that.

Am I missing something?

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Same for me. It doesn’t connect

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That’s because it downloaded the latest version (0.15) of the browser, which is not compatible with the alpha 2 network but rather with the vaults.

In another note, great progress team maidsafe.

Lastly, looks like the github task level board needs some attention.


User error… :laughing:
It is definitely exactly where I said it was not!


This is probably a stupid question but does this mean that we have a c ffi again? If yes then where can I find it (the fully defined c headers for the new data types and additional functions) precisely (no longer in client libs I assume…?)


This is working on Ubuntu but I’m having a couple of problems on Windows 10. To walk through it. On installation, and having installed the browser, this popup appears.

But as soon as you change the focus (e.g. switch to a browser) it disappears (EDIT: it is in the hiddden icons tray on Windows). There is a shortcut on the desktop but clicking it has no visible effect, leaving the only obvious option to reinstall the Safe Network App, at which point a message pops up to say it’s already running.
After reinstalling and starting the browser a message immediately pops up saying it can’t connect because of a timeout. How to restart the browser is not obvious because by now the Safe Network App has disappeared again.
So two issues really.

  1. On Windows 10 the app goes out of focus (even alt-tabbing through open apps doesn’t find it, and there’s nothing pinned to the taskbar).
    EDIT: Found it now in the tray (show hidden icons). Restarting the browser doesn’t help though.
  2. The browser is not connecting, at least on first launch.

I uninstalled all installed versions of the SAFE Browser before trying this.

One question - how does authentication work with the SAFE Network App?


To answer my own question - you need the latest version of the authenticator running in a terminal so you can authorise the browser. I was using the previous version which doesn’t work. Sorted now (on Ubuntu).


Thnx 4 the update Maidsafe devs,

That’s the spirit Fleming before anything :partying_face:

Finally some justice on the pweb, with the dog command (I thought about asking for it, but also thought that I would be declared :crazy_face: for distracting the Maidsafe devs for another animal spirit).

I’m sure the Dogecoin community likes this update…



Catting a file does sound more wholesome that dogging a file, mind! :zipper_mouth_face: :rofl:


No C headers yet, if I’m interpreting the right.


Ok - that’s what I thought I’d see too :face_with_monocle:

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Fixed now. I needed to replace the vault_connection_info.config file at C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\MaidSafe\safe_vault\config with a new one downloaded from here.


Glad it turned up in the end!


I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :slight_smile:новини-10-10-2019/


One word: “Hen”! (More obviously necessary ones, if more than three letters are allowed.)

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Why no telegram channel?

There is: see