SAFE Network Dev Update - November 8, 2018


I think it is always interesting for a community to know if the company that drives their hope is solid enough to achieve what they plan to do :slight_smile:


The last time you sold stocks I did not have enough time to raise enough money for more shares … If I know 6 months before I can buy more :smiley:

Am I too greedy? Yes, I am! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

edit: and I want to have 2 SAFE flash memory sticks :wink:


dimiter , Why don’t you buy maidsafe coin?


The team have communicated well about funding, maybe you have just not seen the posts.


You know that the SAFE network is not the final game for the MaidSafe Team, right?
They will use the network as the first step in creating many more things - things to earn money … I want to be part of them, too :slight_smile:


I remember a post but it was a long time ago, but since I presume that expenditures grew a lot with new recruits. But I agree this is a delicate topic and not every company want to share every details on a regular basis. No problems :slight_smile:


The Crust Test: was that with the development branch of Crust (Tokio), with the master branch (Mio), or both?
Edit: Crust Test v2 was with master branch (Mio).


Great article by Dug. Nice to see it in Computing: