SAFE Network Dev Update - November 8, 2018

Wow. Since when did SAFEnetwork “share value among all stakeholders”? I mean, the project I am doing will do that by default but I have never heard SAFEnetwork mention that ever before in my two years of following it. What type of value? Where does it come from and how is it shared among the “stakeholders”? Who are the stakeholders?

OK in that case. Nevermind me on that. I thought you listened to my suggestion as that’s also what I put forward. If you didn’t then you didn’t. No biggie either way.

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First of all, do you understand the difference between shareholder and stakeholder, right?


You really need to read more of our history here. Trust me when I tell you that a great many topics and Ideas have been already discussed. An almost exhaustive dive into most things.

No I don’t. Do you? If so please explain what it means technically here with references to safecoin or the SAFEnetwork. :slight_smile:

I thought you were leaving?

Well go on then, get on with it and spare us your commentary.

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Be nice. As long as he’s trying I see no harm in him chillin wit us. He just needs to be easy and relax. He going from hyper mouse that wants notoriety to being a student. The transition will take a bit of time. Just be patient. It’s hard I know but we all benefit from it in the long. :v: :wink:


If you really want to stand out and move this network forward with your marketing talent why not direct your enthusiasm toward what you’re good at and what we sorely lack. A strong multimedia presence on youtube. Few non techies want to read about internet 3.0. Most would rather grab a bag of chips, sit back, and hear about it. Start with short 5 minute discussions about the concept. Then its origins. The current problems with the internet. Then the various solutions to each in development by maidsafe and so on.

As long as the information you provide is accurate and fact checked here on the forum you will have a solid presentation. If you do it well you might even earn a few dollars of ad revenue and a spot on the MaidSafe hall of fame. I’d be your first subscriber. I’m sure all here would be happy to help with graphics, info and other related material to push this venture along and bring glory to a secure and free internet. Let’s do this! What do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:


New topic created for this cause. Check it here: Let's be real. He has the spark but needs help

I would if I was still caring about the marketing for this project, but I’m fully focused on my own project now which will fork SAFE for its first component. The project I’m doing will be helping this project in the likely future on the technology and new ideas side. But I don’t think I’ll dedicate any time for anything else(such as marketing) to do with this project.

Be realistic. Forking is a mammoth undertaking for a few people. Gaining traction and developers is not so easy. Either way SAFE acts as foundation for any future forks. If your fork fails it’s likely because there was a flaw in maidsafes’ code. Bringing eyes to the parent network helps to strengthen any future work in your sphere.

Thank goodness we have a Marketing strategist starting in less than a month time.

That’s great that we have marketing from official channels incoming. Community outreach and engagement can provide even greater exposure IMO. It’s one thing to see a bunch of professionally made videos or content coming from the company itself and another to see the world at large displaying its enthusiasm for the technology. A small number of community videos about the subject can be off putting to many doing research. While SAFE is a trust-less system, users must trust that the tech works as described. Seeing only company videos might give the impression of SAFE being a honeypot. A surveillance Trojan horse.

Hi, really nice update as usual :slight_smile:

You never talk about Maidsafe’s financial status. As you have no revenus and won’t have any in the next months/years until launch, do you think you will have enough financial resources to reach your goal or do you already plan the need to raise money?

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This is very interesting to hear from maidsafe team


Out of curiosity, why would that be interesting? (btw we don’t have plans to raise more cash, but you can never tell). We have said that same a few times now.


I think it is always interesting for a community to know if the company that drives their hope is solid enough to achieve what they plan to do :slight_smile:


The last time you sold stocks I did not have enough time to raise enough money for more shares … If I know 6 months before I can buy more :smiley:

Am I too greedy? Yes, I am! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

edit: and I want to have 2 SAFE flash memory sticks :wink:


dimiter , Why don’t you buy maidsafe coin?

The team have communicated well about funding, maybe you have just not seen the posts.

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