SAFE Network Dev Update - November 7, 2019

Maybe you should change your name to starsnitpick.


Completely in agreement. Thank you to all.

What do we have going forward. At the very least, here are some items that have been in strong demand from members of the community in the past.

  • Funding / cost reassurance. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Clear list of staff in the company. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Road map. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Detailed project plans.(Github) :heavy_check_mark:

and not a demand, but an existence of the wonderful…

  • Brilliant community of angels that won’t let this project die. :heavy_check_mark:

The above info is just the tip of the iceberg provided to us by team Maidsafe.

Transparency is high, which is why any of us can provide daily updates on the project status.

Look at how well the push to release is going…
Here’s a summary I put together. (Anyone can do this now)

If you click on each Git hub item, there is an even more detailed check list. Awsomes :hugs::hugs:.

We have strong leadership, and a very strong and talented team. Full transparency and maximum interaction with the public. :slight_smile: Just superb. I really look forward to seeing everybody again over a beer at launch. :slight_smile:

In fact, we are in such a good positive space, our little issue of the occasional (trader / troll) snipering is so far removed from reality, we can have a good laugh about it. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Thanks again to everyone. :+1::+1::+1::beers::beers:


i guess you have no choice but to hail the actions as you maybe have borrowed coins to the company. so you are afraid of a loss. sad that many of you cannot be objective and comment on this sad news, we loose talented devs and this will delay the launch .period.

Yes I think you are right. Let’s burn the whole f’king place down on this sad news!

So, does that help speeding up launch?


no maybe discuss why are the devs working on the backend , incl crutial and time consuming routing beeing fired, or leaving. maybe they dont want anymore or dont believe in sucess, maybe they found anther job or maybe david thinks there is no need for more devs, as we are so close. I dont know but you all act as everyting is fine always, its madness.

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The internet exhausts me, with it’s sea of anonymous humanity, all trying to influence each other for their own agendas. Your agenda, over the months, has become more than obvious, yet you still soldier on, hoping, for some reason, to throw sand in the works.

Yes, it would be nice to have 10,000 devs and $10Billion to pay them with. Since we do not, shall we jump off a cliff? Would you criticize our diving expertise as we fell? Probably.


Anyone else seen Kelly’s hero’s?

This guy is one of my favourite characters…

dirvine’s hero’s are in much better shape, and they will complete the mission.



Well said.

There will be no sand in the works anymore.
This community is now very aware of this obvious effort, it will be kept on top off.


I think it has to do with the privacy of these devs. Are you prepared to put your full name here, your job, and your salary? But I won’t deny it would be better to have some extra (general) info on this. It feeds speculation.
I also have the feeling that you are actually more attached to the project than others. Otherwise you would’t be so nervous on any action taken by Maidsafe. Maybe invested too much?

Is it not justified to ask a question like @starsmick did? I think it’s an important thing whether people are leaving or not

Just because you do not understand others, does not suggest they are mad…

They are not asking question, rather trying to force the negative perception… childlike.

For every negative thrown, others see a multitude of positives and opportunity. That’s perhaps just experience of what it takes to make change in the world; it is not as simple as wanting it.

Sitting on your hands whining that the world is not the way you want it to be, will change nothing. Knuckling down and making a positive contribution to something somewhere, is always better.

Asking questions is fine… but thinking is better… and doing is one step beyond!


I will make this clear.

  1. We went from over £160K to £60
  2. It hurt many folk
    I will not single out 2 of many and dissect their situation. We have employed lots of people in the last few years, did we get to launch faster? If we employ another 20 engineers will we launch tomorrow?

What about those you don’t single out to dissect? Do they feel valuable now? Do you think the Eningeers we lost in Chennai feel great, what about Qa? It is downright disrespectful, never mind amateur.

So the sick FUD needs to stop right now. Lots of work goes into these updates to show folk where we are and what we have done.
Now you nasty and the other chap need to simply discuss progress and leave the personal lives of those working very hard well alone.

If you were not anonymous and in person, you would not dare to poke into folk’s situations. It is pathetic, insensitive and simply rude. You are hiding behind a mask asking folk to bare all at your whim. It wont happen on my watch chap.


can someone delete my account thanks.

You’d have to ask the @moderators to delete your account.


And all the other ones. :joy::joy::joy:


just have one but will miss you my little puppet

Just wanted to say thanks for the update and ignore the ridiculous sock puppet. Good vibes to everyone. Not active anymore but still following on the project every week :slight_smile:


Hey, good to know you are still around. How’s it going?


Deepest respect and gratitude to every single person in Maidsafe that have made a contribution to this
essential project so far, right down to the old pool table, way back.

There’s no shaking Maidsafe and this community, everyone is cool (like Stanley), and there is only one place the spoon is going (ultimately), … in the cup!

Go Maidsafe!



WTF is DKG? (20chars)