SAFE Network Dev Update - November 7, 2019

That is a really interesting stat and bodes well for SafeNet


Wonder how he treats his friends. You wouldn’t want to be his partner, would you. His critical nature would be stifling

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But still he seems to know more than what we are told on the forum, yet somehow he missed the fact these people are leaving because of the changing financial situation??? No I doubt he missed that and wanted to stir the pot more because 2 names he knew were not staying. That is more than concern its malice.

We try to allow everyone their say (his posts are here after all of what he says) and at least he wasn’t like that other person with their libel.

It must be the most difficult decision to make, deciding who is to remain and who has to be let go. They were all good people and the decision was not just based of abilities but abilities in areas as well. It’d be like splitting a close knit group, very difficult and emotionally draining.


It must have been a difficult time for all involved, the decision maker(s) and the wonderful people who are moving on to other places. I am sorry to see all these good people leave because of the financial situation and I wish to thank every single one for the contributions to this project. You will be missed but always loved by this community.

I would welcome anyone who is leaving to stay with the community as everyone here will welcome your positive input and love to hear how you are going.


I totally agree with you @Nigel.

I think it can be detrimental to chase ghosts where there are none.

And I do not have the impression that @starsmick is a subversive person who’s faking his intentions in order to bring harm to this project and community. I just don’t feel it.

I think his language is crude, his manners not so well developed, but I simply don’t see him as the intentionally malicious actor some here describe him as. And I think it is harmful to all of us to describe him as such, and behave as if he was.

I don’t blame anyone for just being fed up with it, with all negativity that do show up from time to time. Reactions to that can be a bit too much, but they are understandable, because there’s a lot of it (and will be a lot more… a LOT). Still, I think I should speak my mind here because we really have nothing to gain by beating this guy up. I say this as a person who is not afraid to be confrontative when I sense malice. I thought people were way too soft on the NGO people, and as I’ve said before I was quite satisfied by seeing @BIGbtc calling those fraudsters out immediately. (Edit: I read up on that thread when I joined, so I wasn’t here at the time it all went down, but I smelled the rotten fish very early in that topic.)

Don’t get me wrong, an actual malicious person should be ousted immediately IMO. Just put the hammer down hard on those, there’s no reason to be soft there.

But, again, this guy is just not very well versed. IMO.

So, I would say just let this go, and I know there are ways to reach out to this guy. He’s worried and not the most smooth guy, and probably don’t know how to manage positivism / negativity and how he impacts his surroundings. I think that’s the deal.


Forgot to say one of the most important things:
It is being said that @starsmick has insider information, but from 7 days ago this was said:

When I read that, I was thinking: “who is management, who is not engineering?” I came to about the same conclusions as @starsmick did, when he said

But he was called out as someone having insider information. I don’t think it’s fair, because I came to the same conclusions by just reading the original post.
And after that it’s just being perpetuated without further thought.

And don’t even go there thinking I would give it because 1. Just no. and 2. I’m a bloody intelligent guy, and I would keep my mouth shut if I had. I just have a very strong sense of keeping things straight.

That highlow guy on the other hand, I feel a bit different about.

Edit: I just think it’s important to save the powder for the real threats, and not get tripped up by some imagined stuff.


With a bit of luck, any source is no longer there.


Perhaps stop indulging @starsmick so much??? Don’t think he is a malicious actor either, just his low context/direct manner of inquisition and communication can be easily misinterpreted on a forum.


Yes not a malicious actor as such. Has done malicious things for trading purposes, but overall not a malicious actor. But ignoring the changed/reduced financial situation then saying people are leaving in droves because the project is failing was malicious because it was deliberate misrepresentation of the facts he was already aware of. But that was not from being a malicious actor, but not a thoughtful person who cannot see this is a difficult time for all involved and was only concerned for his holdings.

Also prying into the devs private comings and goings also does not show a person with good intentions. But not necessarily malicious.

I have tried to educate him the way to get good answers to his concerns is to ask as a decent person and not in a accusing manner.


I mean… I could almost go as far as saying this guy can have a condition. There are people who have a very hard time not focusing on the negative stuff. They are depressed or having some kind of psychological condition.

This guy most of all strikes me as someone who simple has a very hard time to keep anxiety at bay. And he comes here to express it, he’s calling out for someone to say something that might make him feel better. He might be lonely. I just don’t sense that master-mind destructive thing going on here. So, that’s why I’m quite apprehensive here and I don’t want people to go too far on it.

Just leave this alone, treat this guy as a very worried person, and don’t beat him up.


Yes we have that condition here in Australia too. Its called being a dickhead


Would like to draw your attention to


I’m not saying you’re wrong. Confused people are quite dickheadish in their whereabouts…
And we do get rid of him by treating him as if he were (he asked to get his account removed, he obviously felt quite disturbed by this ordeal).

But it’s not really doing us well when that’s not exactly what it’s about.
He causes harm, yes, but there are ways to get him on board by just recognizing that he’s needing assurances more than others do.

Someone who’s intentionally causing damage, for personal gain or what ever, would not be possible to get on board in that same way. People who intentionally seek to harm this project or community, I have no problem they are put out like bugs immediately. Mostly because there is hardly any way to reach out to them. They need to be squashed or it just spreads and there’s no way to recover.

This guys is not that. Not to the best of my perceptions at least.

It might be OK to remove his account because of his difficulties to keep his anxieties in check, but I don’t think it’s OK to label him with things that are not true.


I’ll have to go check out the project board but just throwing out this question while it’s fresh. So an app will be able to create a custom container and name it, will the app be able to make the container either public or private? The previous containers were all encrypted by a master key besides public if I remember correctly which was good for some purposes but this new approach sounds more organized and flexible for an app.

This is exciting, I’ve wondered when this was coming along :smiley:


There’s still design and discussion going on here. But the idea is that “deleting an app” would not touch the data at all, just remove the app. Removing the app is more or less about removing its permissions.
I think it’s a trivial thing fundamentally to separate data and permissions, but the devil is in the details and it has to be nailed down with a specific pattern.


I was watching this list if they are The only MaidSafe members, but it looks like not accurate. Like not only that Sharon is not there, but few more developers deos not match. I do not remember if that list was accurate before November as well.

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To be clear I am not interested in why they are leaving, only if they are leaving, that’s all.

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I think the original update was very clear.

This was an absolute statement.

What are you going to do, post “Is X leaving?”, for each X not listed in the above? Waste of space and readers time. Dilutes the update with nonsense.


Resolve and commitment from an amazing community of people :clap: - Focus. Persist. Execute. Repeat.

Please reach out @JimCollinson if you wanna do some quick pair design sessions, be that in figma or screensharing via sketch etc. I’m in AEDT (Sydney) and can prob squeeze a couple hours a week to help move the needle.


A very kind offer, thank you!