Safe Network Dev Update - November 5, 2020

Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :racehorse:

Here is the latest meme:



Christmas may come early this year.


Sounds like the DBC will be a great core development for AT2.


Thrilled to see technical members increasingly getting involved.

Excellent!! Last mile, folks :smile:


If DBCs work out, does that mean that anyone will be able to print/write one out, whatever amount of future safecoin they wish, and give it to a friend or whatever? (Basically looking for a DBC for dummies here, or a bit of spitballing as to how it might look). Very exciting stuff, if I am understanding correctly, amazing work maidsafe :laughing:


With a DBC you can re-issue it or more correctly ask for a reissue. So you have one or several for lots of safeocin. You want to pay somebody 4 safecoin. You take a DBS with >=4 safecoin and have it re-issued to the new id that’s gonna own it.

In fact here is a good read on more detail (just imagine each section is a bank)


Juicy update. So exciting to see the collaborative efforts of the team continue to manifest and begin to crystalize. I can also rest easy tonight knowing that David is making DBCs a priority. Epic times ahead.


Great update as per usual, thanks Maid team!

I love the sound of this. Wondering how it works in more theoretical detail though … it sounds like magic! :wink:

oops, got ahead of myself, perhaps this query was already addressed … will go read that.


I had searched around and found that guys blog, was just coming back here to link it actually! Funny, and yeah he explains it in a pretty understandable way. I had been guessing a section might work as the mint, makes sense. Scrit looks interesting too, I can’t help but think the guy there would be excited about what you’re all up to here


I sent him an email with a link to the update letting him know his article is linked in the comments section. I also told him Maidsafe is including DCBs in the Safenetwork. :slight_smile:


Great update again, thanks for your work!
Very cool to see @treslumen contributing code! :ok_hand:

“Inter-section” sounds like you have a testnet running with multiple sections. Would be nice to hear a bit more about that, just in some wide strokes how it is going. And of course, is that maybe something the community can expect when then public testnet comes?


About coins in circulation?

“As long as we don’t do DBC (digital bearer certificates) then an approximation is available. Could perhaps be with DBC as well, but that is beyond what we know now.” Citation from @oetyng awhile back.

Any new knowledge if it will be possible to know anything about coins in circulation with DBC?


Not at this stage. Something worth considering though. Could be a difficult genesis but that’s probably the price. I feel bulletproofs can give us some validation of initial mint though. That and perhaps no DBC exists until we have X sections (mints). Something along these lines anyway.


And that elder will be closed off after a week of testing, leaving everyone stranded again…

That has nothing to do with shutting down elders or stranding people. This coming testnet is a real network with pretty much all features. It will not be a single node, but a network. the network will get taken down at some stage to move on to the next test, but we surely have to do that?


I have no problem with resetting a in development test net. I don’t even care if it fails in 3 minutes. The attempt to launch one will be the biggest step forward we’ve seen around here in years.


Why does maidsafe control whether a network lives or dies?
Why not let a testnet live until a new one is created?

We are building in and giving folk access to help out. It helps us and them, we are not some kind of Gods and spend all our time working for the good of us all. No person in MaidSafe wishes to exert any control over any other person. It’s kinda our core principle.

If a testnet is working and being used and is helpful we don’t need to leave it up, anyone can join nodes and we cannot stop that. We can take our own nodes down, but that should not kill the network. We need to ask everyone to take theirs down to help in next iteration.

I think you are confusing maidsafe here with some kind of evil corporation. We are hopefully the opposite of that :wink:


It costs money and time to keep a network up, and the current code fails anyway, so you would have to keep restarting it.

If people want to they can start and run their own networks, and people have done this in the past and I expect will do so again once this is feasible. Right now I don’t think it is feasible, and even if the network was running the APIs are only there in Rust, not web.

So there is more work needs doing before anyone can provide what you are asking for. At least that is my understanding.


I’ve had bad experience with a similar project that was open to all to start their own network to eventually closing off the parameter options for starting a new network, making it incredibly difficult to start a new network and deleting the documentation for how it could be achieved.

I’m hoping for maidsafe not to go the same direction.