SAFE Network Dev Update - November 29, 2018

Thanks for all your hard work Maidsafe devs.

@fergish is really doing super valuable work :+1: over 2200 :eyes: on LTB network.

What fun times ahead :stuck_out_tongue:


GOGO alpha3 !!! I have been waiting this update as always :slight_smile:


A dictionary simply reflects the common usage of a language, unfortunately it also registers misusage if it becomes popular enough. Dictionaries are descriptive, not prescriptive.

Otoh, if literally is the same as figuratively, then how do we express actual literal sense? It is just nonsense.

Thanks, @19eddyjohn75. Actually getting about 3500 to 4500 unique downloads per episode on the hosting site (libsyn). Sitting at 3000 for this one so far this week. Looking at ways to expand that, so all you guys refer others!!


Yea, I love your down to earth awesome pod casts. Excellent info on a complex project, and yet easy to understand, outstanding work!


nice work maid!
finally some work is done here or it start to get visible.
I’ll try some node red stufff to see how we getalong…

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@nigel secretly everybody is promoting the SAFE Network.

Notice how they talk about “imagination” right at the Maidsafe logo…



What the? It’s legit the Maidsafe logo and they have a 3D rendering of it? Maybe it’s the collective unconscious waking up to a predetermined future reality? :flushed: :exploding_head: haha. Whatever the reason, I like it.

:raised_hands:t3: Imagination


It is legit when using a different color?



I imagine the logo is in the film because Maidsafe is open source?

LOL - Mind twist those perspectives. If only you could do that in lego

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I assume marketing will be addressing the mostly invisible to ordinary people problem?

If you have a good indication of when alpha 3 will be ready, should this not be the start of the marketing campaign to drive up interest and anticipation? allowing more people to join our community at the same time. Randomly releasing alpha 3, while exciting for this forum, is going to be invisible to everyone else.

Also any idea of when the accounts for maidsafe up to the 28th February 2018 will be available on companies house? They were due on the 30th of November but haven’t appeared yet.

I certainly hope so, but there are limits to that obviously.

Have you not noticed :wink:

Not sure where you are thinking this? Normally company accounts work like this, there is a year-end date, then you have a period where you close those accounts and get all the inputs for the accountant, i.e. bills paid etc. This means many will not file the accounts until many months later, usually around 10months and that is even with online filing available.

Unless you know something I don´t in this regard, then that is the usual process, even companies house don´t expect accounts will be completed, audited, signed off, posted to companies house and published on their website in 2 days from year-end. I don´t have much patience for waiting, i.e. I have my own accounts filed as soon as possible, despite accountants wishing to delay those as well. I am not one for false delays, but I do think 2 days is extremely unlikely for any company to have the accounts finalised and published.

Anyway, if you know a fast route that is available I will be all ears.


The ones for the 28th February 2018 are 9 months old.
The account up to the 28th February 2017 where filed on the 27th November 2017

So the 28th February 2018 accounts are due. I’m just curious if its just a delay on the HMRC end.

I see how you are thinking now. It´s not really how it works.

Yes, that would be normal(ish)

Ah no, it´s not we must file at the exact same time each year. A lot depends on when the accountants get round to filing and such like.

No there is no delay there AFAIK. If you are thinking of an audit etc. then it would more likely happen, the accounts are filed and signed off etc. then an audit would take place if HMRC thought there were issues in the accounts. We have, as probably all companies, had questions after filing to clarify things and previously we have had audits from customs and excise as well as HMRC, they tend to do that every 3 or so years, but I think with austerity that period is all over the shop.

Thats very confusing, when something says due by 30 November 2018, I kind of expected that to be a deadline. But I’m not an accountant so I’ll just have to wait I guess.


It ´s really not.

It is a deadline. It does not mean they are published by companies house on that date though. The government departments do not work like that.


If the accounts have been completed, would you be able to publish them for me in this Thursdays update if they have not yet appeared on companies house?

Are you looking for our every step here, when we sign them off, when we hand to accountants, when they file and then when they are published? It is unlikely that info will be known to even all board members. We care about them being filed correctly, on time and signed off by the appropriate people when they require to do so. I suspect you are confusing published by companies house or similar with filing with HMRC which is not the same.

It may be my answers are not clear enough and I am missing your point, but if they were not filed on time, then penalties and fines kick in. HMRC are the most powerful of all the agencies in the UK, if you mess with them, then they can go to enormous lengths to redress anything they wish. They even have search until found warrants, so that means open ended search warrants for something, but not where. So if they go after you then they will find what they are after, or just fine you and force you to prove innocence. In the UK they are really not to be messed with. I think unfortunately smaller companies and individual are at more risk of this than larger well resourced companies, but that is life :wink:

No, frankly I would not. Why would you want us to waste time doing that and confusing everyone?


I think you have the complete wrong end of the stick here. I’m not suggesting you haven’t complied with all rules of HMRC. However, you do have share holders in this company, and this information will eventually be published so investors can see the health of the maidsafe balance sheet. Just because I’m interested in my financial investments, does not mean you have done anything wrong.

I saw a date on HMRC that said deadline by 30th November, they could have appeared from the 1st March up to the 30th November. But its now the 3rd of December and I’m wondering where they are.

There is nothing wrong with me asking you to publish them on a public source (that stops it from being insider trading).