SAFE Network Dev Update - November 28, 2019

This is the most amount of posts in a thread that I’ve Liked. More and more positive thoughts. I feel like there are no more snags. Just everyone involved interacting with each other. I don’t feel any intensity of difficulty of coding the rest of the full background (Node Ageing, BLS, etc.). People will gradually know what they’re a part of—albeit seemingly alien at first, even with sporting a fantastic interface/experience. …Yet, always continually drawn to this new paradigm of the next decade — until no longer knowing, nor feeling spiritual drain of our present-day, socioeconomic culture, wholly propagated by monopoly/oligopoly, or worse.


Long story short, it’s multi-section network (while the current phase 2a is a network of only a single section).


Another fantastic update. @JimCollinson that video is great (both production and content). Only quibble is the $ sign makes it unclear if the vault is earning USD (how is it priced?) or safecoin. For the rest of the team, I can only say keep going… reading between the lines and watching github makes it clear that this is a titanic effort, but every week is solid progress, and you are in fact rolling this ball up that hill.


Multi-section network proves a lot of technological use cases, so great to hear this is close!



Yeah, it understandably a desirable feature, and not a massive stretch to do. Certainly the monitoring side, control a little more. But neither we could justify for the MVP, but may well be feasible for launch. We’ll see!

And of course, not to say a community member might want to whip up a Vault monitor app and beat us to the punch!

Yeah, don’t panic, that’s the plan.

It is literally an arbitrary colour palette that more or less randomly fell together when we were constructing the Figma componentry and theming setup, and all the layering, depth etc. are all stock.

What we have started to consider with regard to theming are things like visual changes between logged in/out, and other functional elements like switching, active/inactive process etc, moving in and out of different app modes and the like.

So yeah, it all feels a little bit of a jumble of these things, particularly as we’ve been creating elements such as account creation, vaults, and invites, as discrete feature sets with their own wee prototype, and deliberately focusing on functionality over style.

But the good news is, with the way it’s all being constructed, and the theming setup running through to production, it’ll allow us to bring it all together with a considered visual layer later on with minimal fuss.

The look and feel of the website took a couple of weeks of solid consideration, and then went through a few iterations to get where it is now. So I’d expect at least that for the Safe Network App. It’s absolutely worth taking the time to do that, and it’s my aim that it will all feel like it’s part of the same journey and experience, but tuned to the context.

But, if it came to it, and the back-end is ready to go, and we have to launch Fleming with a slightly gnarly colour palate, I’d swallow my pride and roll with it. I’d rather that, than hold up the show because a basic feature didn’t make it, because I was busy with my colour wheel.:joy:

Plus, I’d quite like to make a good fist of the visual design, so be nice to not be panicked!

Absolutely no worries man. After many years designing, you learn to tell the difference between objective critique, and subjective criticism, and we’re definitely in the former camp here. Please don’t ever feel you can’t do that, it’s valued, and valuble.


Gee thanks!

Yeah this is down to the limitations of the design prototype. It’s easy to drop in a Safecoin glyph where the content is relatively static, but when you have dozens of screens where the value is changing, we had to use a generic currency symbol from pre existing font.

In the production software, this will be a Safecoin symbol. It’ll take a little time to construct that, and have it usable, so it’s placeholder for just now.

I did think about mentioning it during the video, but there are so many little caveats you can end up adding to these things it can get off topic, so I thought i’d let it slide.


@JimCollinson I want to say how glad I am that you are part of the team. UI/UX are hard to do well, and make such a difference when those small extra touches are added to an already well thought out, excellent design. I’m confident that you and this team can get those little extras, which makes me really excited.

I don’t want anyone to feel left out either. I’m just as excited by the excellence I see thoughout the team. You are all stars, all working so well together and we see the evidence of this in every discussion on GitHub, as well as the code, and your brief appearances on the forum.

Jim deservedly gets praise, but those who are less visible atm are just as appreciated in my eyes. So thanks to all of you, and good luck. What a mission we ask share!


Absolutely. I’m just the guy pushing the pixels about.

But for each of those wee features you see, there have been weeks and weeks of discussion digging in to the guts of the system, and the best way to approach all these things. It’s a massive effort from everyone.

It is exciting when you get to see some screens though, because you can just imagine it in your hands. I just happen to be in the fortunate position of getting to show these things off!


Give me Fleminnnnnggggggg💪


Wow just wow Maidsafe devs,

@JimCollinson I like to highlight a design flaw, in the vid @ 6:16 it says “stop vault” (nobody will ever have a reason to stop their vault, SAFE vaults will run forever i guess) :sweat_smile:

@maidsafe @JimCollinson seeing is believing really LOVE these vids, they really make the SAFE Network come alive (for a clueless consumer).

Hihi I missed my flight so still on vacation, but leaving today :airplane:



Thank you for the video, made me so happy to see the abstract starting to come to fruition, to reality!
Much love to all the amazing maidsafe troopers :orange_heart::heart_eyes:


oh ok thanks for filling me in @nbaksalyar and @Traktion ! I did already know we were in the final countdown to a true decentralized network (as opposed to a simulated one.) This sounds like a big stepping stone towards that!


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! Do not be afraid to adjust the sails and we will reach the destination!

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :dragon:

Yes, I know. I was falling behind with the translations. But my cat peed on my server and it took me a long time to recover …

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Ah, memories. That yacht in that marina was home to me for 7 years and where MaidSafe started. Lots of long days planning and writing proof of concepts. Life was very easy back then, no pressure at all. It’s all 100% worth it though, we need SAFE and it is coming.


Single section network is all you need for a distributed filesystem competitor to Ceph.


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