SAFE Network Dev Update - November 15, 2018

It’s sort of a modified rust with a C added to it, to represent the word connection, thus: Crust, in this sense it is new, and we should all celebrate the unreal inovations at SAFE. :clinking_glasses:


Always excited for my weekly update fix! :star_struck:

More videos from you guys are always great. I actually put off most computer related tasks to watch, read or listen to anything SAFE related.

For the future videos I would suggest a bit more enthusiasm. A certain feminine exuberant touch would really brighten the tone. Looking at you @SarahPentland !

Having other team members pop in from time to time would help to make things feel more connected. Even walking up to them while they’re working and asking “whats up” with a brief explanation introduces an intimate touch to what would otherwise seem a bit too robotic.

Hey, even seeing a quick shot of the flow of the office makes for good viewing. Especially as things wind up. Like a micro video diary added to each update. Something few projects do. Ants get little screen time. Showing the colony at work and asking for input is kinda of fun IMO. Bloopers anyone? :grinning:

IDK if you have a prompt available, but it could also help to smooth out the detailing of each segment of the update. Links to relevant medium articles or podcast in the description is great too. All in all it was a great first video. Keeping it playful and transparent is where it’s at. You are all real people at the end of the day. Not some drones chipping away. Highlighting that brings the vision and the people closer to what has been called by many people vaporware or impossible.

This format allows people to see the passion, exhaustion, and ultimately the love you all have for the freeing network that is SAFE. The diversity of the team parallels the true diversity you all work so hard to enable with this network. Stay quirky, weird, and wild. For we ALL TOGETHER are The SAFE Network! :crazy_face: :hushed: :upside_down_face: :yum: :hugs: :sweat: :exploding_head:



It’s not wrong, they used last week’s Dev Update :smiley: Btw I made the same mistake in my first post, but then I started reading :stuck_out_tongue:


This is cool! Good luck fellas! I’d love to see more people attempt to tackle mobile.


Mobile access to the Safe Network, biig very biiig!
Can’t wait!


Great update as usual and good to hear the progress being made week by week

Nice to see. Good job too.

Wonder if having a interview style of update for some of them might be a thing to do. You know the chairs, flowers behind and Dug opens then has a short talk about each section of the update and is interviewing the (leading) staff member involved in that part. A real informal thing though so no big preparation or great performances expected.

I guess I am suggesting for the occasional one of going back to the real old vids that were of a team meeting when the team fitted around one table.

Oh and I noticed that the suggested videos to watch were Monty Python clips and Rowan Atkinson. Is that how youtube sees your video @dugcampbell?

And this one was a hoot and great performance by Rowan and Elton


Fantastic update all across the board!! From marketing to technical development, all the pieces are coming together, and the building momentum is so palpable!

I’m also very excited to hear about Trezor support for MAID. A year ago, a few of us forum folk reached out to Trezor about integrating OMNI/MAID because

It’s great to see they not only honestly considered it but will also deliver!


I do like the format you suggest there!

And in addition I would suggest to add to the video comment important links (like the discussion of the rfc that was mentioned)


Hmmm - well OK. The video does include some things from this week’s update too though.


Thanks for all the feedback on the video so far folks, really useful.

We wondered about this before putting it out & had a few comments internally on this point as well - so thanks for confirming, closer focus next time for sure. We also talked about adding the sections and editing them in - easy enough done, just adds a small amount of time to the production cycle but if we can optimise it we will. Things should get faster each week in any event so I don’t see it being a problem to include.

Totally agree - and @SarahPentland’s actually starting to prep the next one today! :+1:

Great plan as well - ideally like to involve as many people as possible in these going forwards. And we can certainly work on the Python-esque delivery…


That’s correct, we’re going to build up the subscriber list over the next few weeks before we start sending out newsletters.


To honest I think you guys shouldn´t be too professional about the video… just a quick report is all right… there is no need to waste time editing and all…! IMHO!


A good balance between professionalism and efficiency (time and money) has to be struck, I think.
You have to take into account how big the audience is.
At the moment the audience doesn’t seem that big, if I can trust the view count on Youtube.
Of course improving the quality could help with increasing that audience. And practice does help, should the audience become significantly bigger.
Another factor: such weekly update videos don’t age that well in comparison with other type of videos (presentations, deep dive).


Thanks Maidsafe devs for making this possible.

Love the video update



Always too technical to understand but i can understand its coming all together nicely. Not too far now i hope :pray:


I agree, the balance needs to be right. If you want to bring more people into the community these videos will be important as it will be a first impression to many people. If you get that right and you can excite them about the project, you will probably have them.

I think Dug did a great job. He is very good at presenting and clear speaking.

I think a slightly better intro animation that can be used every video would help, and then some bullet points on the screen or on the back drop. You could even just show the update from the forum, which would show all the new comers where to go and read themselves.

I think breaking it down into clear sections with some bullet points would make it easier to follow.

Maybe a sperate intro video that could be pinned would be good that explains each section of the project.

And there might be an argument to not talk about every section every week, just highlight the biggest and most exciting developments. It would maybe make it easier for a laman / newcomer to understand?

I suppose it is trail and error until it all feels right.


I began creating these video versions of your updates early this year but had to stop for funding. They cost me about $200 each to make. I had several ideas on how to sustain it but didn’t really work out.

So when you mentioned video updates, I expected something visual, like my video below, instead of someone talking:

I think a visual video like this is much easier to share and spread around the net. Also it’s good because we can actually see the different things being made, like my video above shows the CEP products, new sites being made, important articles written, and really helps show off and prove new updates.

If anyone has ideas or interest in helping me and my video teams make videos of this or any other sort for MaidSafe’s monthly updates overview please feel free to reach out. Am always ecstatic to find ways to use my networks and abilities to sustainably work on MaidSafe-related things more often.


Some things must be said…
I can see great words for Maid…specially with the working and making it more robust and safe…performance improvements…blabla.
Some things are not right…and maybe you can explain:
1.why don’t you create SafeCoin? at this stage of your project…only MaidSafeCoin exists and it doesn’t have a wallet…you must use omni or other third party app
2. I keep writing and ask questions about the health of the new SafeCoin blockchain…how the flow of the coins will be and how the transactions will be confirmed?
3. when SafeCoin will be listed and why MaidSafeCoin is delisted from so many markets? will it be delisted from platforms just to create uncertainty and drop it’s price …?will Maidsafecoin be replaced instantly with SafeCoin and not delisted first?
4. will SafeCoin be a token on ETH or it will stick to OMNI and BTC blockchain?
5.What actions have you done so far in order cu create SafeCoin and what wallets have you started to develop
6. How SafeCoin will be mined and if your Parsec tech is integrating this also?
7.When do you think the project is finished or …putting it in an other way…when we will be able to use the product?even with bugs?..because now we don’t have the SafeCoin…we have only MaidSafeCoin that is delisted from all platforms and I think they are doing it to drop price and relisting the new SafeCoin when you’ll launch it…

And that’s why the price is so low. :slight_smile: The total misunderstanding of the project allows us to accumulate at these prices. :slight_smile: I am grateful that people are so lazy to read…


It has no use-case until the network is fully built and people can ‘farm’ (trade storage for safecoin). Since it has no use-case until then, it is not a high priority.

Safecoin has no blockchain. Please do some searching and study to learn how safecoin will work.

This is a matter for the exchanges ultimately. Maidsafe is working to have the token listed as many places as possible, but there are often roadblocks that can’t be overcome easily. This is just the nature of crypto in general. Everyone wants to list a token, but exchanges make the decision.

Safecoin will not be on a blockchain, it will exist within the safe network.

The details are here on this forum, just do some research. The Safe Network is a HUGE project - bigger than ANY OTHER that I am aware of and the team isn’t big enough to tutor and hand-hold everyone who comes along.

It won’t be mined - it will be farmed. Again, research it.

My opinion, one to two years. - But that’s pure speculation and I don’t work for Maidsafe.