SAFE Network Dev Update - November 15, 2018


This is a big topic, which is why you’ve been advised to look it up yourself. The mechanisms are well thought out though. Please research before asking technically complicated questions. We are not paid to tutor you and we don’t work for Maidsafe.


Transactions are confirmed by close group consensus. Which is instantaneous and free of charge.

you can find an answer to this question and much more here:


Please don’t get mad at these people for asking these “reality-check” questions. They’re good reminders from the outside world :stuck_out_tongue: help us maintain perspective and re-look at the clock :clock3: etc

Everyone wants launch, SafeCoin etc.

Can’t get mad, enthusiasts come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of content-reading :joy:


not getting mad…faar beyond my intention…but maybe some minimal explanation about how this coins will flow and some info about the following implementation.
Just in order to not to make other mistakes like creating special browsers and other special special for running on SafeNetwork

I would love to hear…this instead:
-the coins are on the SafeNetwork…and they are following a POS algorithm…and it is free and no one owns the coins and can’t inject other. but non of these answers came…did someone thought about it or am I the only one to ask these things?
Is SafeCoin like a MLM?


@highlow open and see part 7:


The coins are nothing like a blockchain. I think this is the reason you are missing what people are saying. The coins live on the network as data and are protected by the sections (groups of nodes) that control the movement of safecoin using consensus. There is no blockchain or ledger. It is more like coins in your real pocket. To send your coins to another the network validates the requests and does the transfer.

If you try to use blockchain terminology then you will fail to understand it and be asking the questions all over again thinking no one is giving a clear answer.

Oh they have been asked again and again by people who do not read the forum. It is difficult to explain in a comment what is a rather large subject.

Which is why people will point you to the primer as it has a lot of your questions answered


@highlow If you want a less technical introduction than the excellent Primer linked by @dimitar I recommend this:

There’s also an explainer for blockchain users, but I can’t find that. Anyone got that link?


Not true, this project is moving slowly and we can start to argue why and why not (all correct) but that doesn’t change that fact.

This is, in fact, an arrogant statement instead of the first one.

The Safe Network is at this moment an incomplete proof of concept that has to show all its claims in the wild to the world, meanwhile Bitcoin, for instance, has 10 years showing all this.

Maybe you should take a look outside this forum and breath some fresh air and see for yourself there are plenty of project making HUGE things, instead of being a bad brand ambassador:


I support @max , we all have to talk that way to keep the price low. Please nobody mention Parsec, Crust test, sharding and other bad things… :wink:


In defence of @TylerAbeoJordan, it is very well documented that he looks at other projects :wink: : The "Safe Crypto Show".


you’re wrong, @TylerAbeoJordan is a bad guy!

Please everyone look at the copies of the copy, nothing original or HUGE is here… :wink:


I’m staying out of this. Slow/fast is relative and must be defined related to something else that is known.


A bit off topic, but I recently did see this cartoon (only bears?) in the price topic about which queue (~=prediction) to choose. This reminded me of this funny movie clip one could watch to pass the waiting time, which I think most of us will find a good definition of slow.


These are all good questions that should be part of a FAQ that appears at the top of . If all newcomers are expected to drill through years of posts just to grasp the basics of the project many will be discouraged from pursuing their understanding of Safe Network.


After venturing out of this forum and taking interest into crypto on a bigger picture I have to agree that this project is certainly moving at its own pace. It’s never fast enough but it is properly done step by step.

I’m glad to be able to witness the process and I’m hopeful safenetwork will turn into something spectacular. Even if the project were to launch sometime from now, I don’t think the price movement will make me filthy rich. Not unless critical mass adoption is achieved. Prediction of the future is exciting isn’t it?


Probably this one? The safe network explained using bitcoin terminology


I remember talk a while back about us getting a more accurate measure of the networks transaction capabilities.

Will that be by the end of this milestone? Can’t remember what was said.


Maybe not so useful or already known, but here an overview of Linux performance tools: (I also see the Flame Graphs there).


That is a thing of beauty! And it will surely come in handy with SAFE Drive at some point. Cool.


Maybe not so useful or already known, but here an overview of Linux performance tools: (I also see the Flame Graphs there).

No, that is a fantastic link. Thanks for that one.

And great update team. How is the current state of the C ffi interface for the client libs? Will be coming into some time to pick up the python wrapper again over December.