SAFE Network Dev Update - November 1, 2018


Translated by google as “Concern, I hope to see the progress of maidsafe.”

Google translated as “A small amount of coin is currently stored, hoping to have a finished version.”

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google translated
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Thanks Maidsafe devs for your hard work and thanks to that I’m not busy doing Crust test v2 :crazy_face:

Nothing beats software running :stuck_out_tongue:


Connecting to other users using crust, from my home.

Feels soooo SAFE-Flemming.


Great keep up the good work guys


Well that sounds very promising :hugs:

100% agree!

Very very cool update! It’s marvelous to see how the project evolves and I can’t wait to see our dream going live!


Q to routing devs: is all the malice tasks taged with ,to do, in jira to be done in milestone 2 or will some of the tasks be completed during milestone 3?


Hi Starsmick,

All the malice tasks are part of milestone 2. You can see it for each individual task by looking at the “Epic Link” field. Milestone 2 includes dynamic membership, malice, documentation, testing and performance.

The idea is that by the end of milestone 2, Parsec is production ready.

To answer a question you’re hinting at, though: milestsone 3: integration of parsec in routing will start while milestone 2 is ongoing. This will allow us to test the dynamic membership logic etc. in the context of routing while Parsec still receives more love from the team.

I’ll keep my answer to this much since I don’t want to spoil the fun of reading our section of the dev update tonight :wink:

Hope this helps you have a clear picture of what’s happening :smiley:


Thanks again for your time to reply :slight_smile:


Where are the other 1.91735116e13 milestones you pass before the parsecstone :wink:


I see what you did there :wink: