SAFE Network Dev Update - May 2, 2019

The Roadmap is a double edged sword. Insufficient detail and the speculators will stay on the sidelines. There needs to be a sufficient level of speculation to increase liquidity from current levels. Too much information and you will be held accountable to it again. It will be interesting to see what transpires

Any chance of including Cryptobeadle in the marketing of Fleming?


100% it is, folk will take all estimates as promises and extract timelines and wail like sirens as the thing develops. I am keen to just lay it all out and do 2 things, give complete visibility to all stakeholders, Engineers, Marketing and more of what is to be done and what is in critical pat. It will show what need not be done (for launch) that helps us all, that is related to the mvp approach and as @opacey has been (correct) nibbling at will allow us to be very clear and succinct in getting to launch.

So all in the open, what will it really mean?

The plan will identify all components and tasks we see need done. We may miss some, but I am not sure that will be the case. I am prepared we do though and also prepared to rectify it. The plan will be a large set of project, subprojects and individual tasks. We estimate the task, roll up to sub-project (compounding the error we made in the task estimate) and then roll up to the overall project, further compounding any estimate error.

Therefore all in the open == living project, time will change and this is just how projects work, but we will all see that and also see how it is mitigated or just paid for by us. So that is exactly where we will be delayed with a plethora of back seat driver project managers and very loud, “but this is late” cries stating we are breaking promises as we estimated 1 day and it took 3, we may even be called scammers and charlatans etc.Going into this project phase in the open will mean all of this, but the positives are great, clarity of direction, clarity of critical path are essential for us all, every single member of maidsafe, every investor and every community member can be so much better informed.

Now we are past the answering the big questions part of the project, this part is the lets execute, so we can project manage that. There are many RFCs to update etc. its not all sets of instructions to follow, the Engineers will need to be super smart in their approach to completing tasks, but should have much better visibility to allow them to do that. No more isolation coding in teams never mind across teams.

A goldfish bowl, yes in many ways, who would subject themselves to that? Brave, honest and capable people I would think. Lets see how it rolls out though.

On the point of what we see, then we will use 2 systems, in one we will have a rolled up gannt chart that shows all subprojects and critical path, that will be point click and roll down to further detail about estimates, resources applied and so on, so you can drill down to great detail and with such detail you will see many changes week to week as we have things like delays, unplanned holidays etc. etc. In any case its going to be a lot to read and see.


Another great update Maidsafe devs.

Really love it how your never afraid to always grab the best tools (Rust/Quic/???) to get the job done.

@riddim and @dask :clap::clap:

Keep up the good work :vulcan_salute:



That is a lot more than what I expected. I promise not to be a whinger but a solid supporter even with the expected slippages. As the sub projects are ticked off, the excitement will no doubt build


Could the maidsafe twitter account tweet a link to this update? :slight_smile:

Bitbot is waiting to retweet SAFE Network Dev Update. :wink:


From point 1 perhaps is impt to know the real limits … and option to have one instance that is known to be vulnerable just in order to seek where robust lies. The more real world evidence of ability to resist xyz will only help provide confidence. If there’s and instance that tempts hackers to do their worst, perhaps that could be useful too?.. long-standing frustration of those attempts then helping the idea that the principal is even bigger and more robust.


One thing I learned throughout the years is that the people who create a roadmap will profit the most from it. Just the plain process of creating it is so valuable that I think it will be worth the effort eitherway.

In addition it brings a healthy level of transparency for outside stakeholders that we all have been waiting for. In such a big project it’s easy to get lost (even for hardcore followers) so seeing all the components in perspective is great! Many thanks @maidsafe! Looking very much forward to it!




We’ve also cross-posted the dev update to Steemit this week to gauge whether or not there’s any interest from new, non-community members on that platform. You can check it out and upvote if you’re a Steemit user at


To me I think it means you guys have cracked the mystery of the universe, so to speak, and there’s nothing left to invent. And you can now post a roadmap becuase you’re close to the finish line. This is truly amazing times!


Fantastic stuff. The roadmap is a double edged sword, but I personally am happy to have it. Nice to get a shout out, a lovely feeling to give some little thing back to a project you’ve followed for years. Keep going, and good things ahead!


Excellent update.

In the Quic p2p video @ustulation you compare Quic to Crust … is this as a complete replacement? Or is it just replacing part of Crust?

  EDIT: just read this:

  So it seems crust is being fully replaced ... I guess?

As most everyone here, looking forward to new roadmap. I think any long-term Maidsafe fan understands there are no time-string attached.

I think it would be nice to see the historical road map as well including dead-ends and reasoning – not for critical purposes but to understand just how big and difficult this project is. Perhaps that is something for the future post-beta

… Someday there will be a documentary motion picture – so keep ALL your notes!!!



thanks a lot :smiley:

hmmm - a pity this much effort went into crust in the past - but i’m glad additional resources seem to become free now to work on other edges of the project :slight_smile:

very looking forward to the roadmap - would be nice to have a rough idea what’s next (what’s still left to be done) and when roughly to expect those next steps =)

just a rough estimate of main points would have been perfect for me but i won’t comply about nice project management charting stuff (and if you just ‘plug in’ your project management tools into the website it always would be up to date by definition :slight_smile: )

that’s all expected and perfect

I will follow you in doing so as soon as i see it :wink: :smiley:


Essentially what you’re saying it’s a glorified To-Do list and Have-Done List not a Launch Date estimation like some make it out to be. :slight_smile:


Once the To-Do list is done, there will be launch


That is the plan. Lets see how complete we can make it though. It is quite a task, there is one feature I would like before safecoin becomes real safecoin, but we will see.


That’s a really good news that you are now able to give us a more detailed roadmap. Even if you won’t annouce any launching date which I understand, I hope we will get a better view on when it could happen. If it’s more likely to be in a few months, semesters, or years.

Is there any way you could comment on restarts and upgrades? That component seems particularly scary to me. I’m not an engineer, but from everything I’ve read over the years it feels like that part is the last big unknown.

Here is one recent topic exploring that question.


Solid London meetup now has more than 100 takers (majority to see @nbaksalyar no doubt :smiley:). Talk of moving the venue to St Paul’s (probably not the cathedral but if numbers keep growing who knows?)