SAFE Network Dev Update - May 16, 2019


I write code; I love structure and consistency; I love the OC! :wink:


Really looks amazing! That’s super informative and very very good (now it just needs to be kept up to date ; )

Little point of critique: for node aging the linked rfc sais it’s from 2017 which hardly can be the current implementation suggestion I guess and the ‘join the discussion’ link leads to a closed topic

:ok_hand: excellent improvements there

I’m very sad to see @Viv leaving (especially because I think he was a driving force that would for sure speed up the process until launch if he would be part of the team…) but ofc I wish you the best Viv - thank you very much for all the energy you put into this project :hugs:

(and I would think it would have been a huge satisfaction to be with the team at launch after such a long time - so this for sure was no easy decision…)


again, someone leaved the MAID. trust me, this project has little chance to success. and soon, they will be out of money. or they may make it someday, but they still need another 12 years. LOL


This has no evidence to support Maidsafe dying. And to the contrary they have a number of avenues for future funding FYI the word is"left" not “leaved” - I gather English is not your native language.

This sounds like FUD for the purpose of picking up cheaper MAID


Very happy to be back on the forum and to read this extensive update. I concur with others that a lot is going on, and I’m looking forward to the future of a decentralized internet. Censorship is growing quickly and in a way that is too uncomfortable for me. The politicization in particular of the public space coupled with that censorship means that the SAFE network is about the only kind of defence I know about out there right now. You have had my support since I first heard of the project in 2016 - I wish I was technical to be able to help in that regard, but I do intend to offer space to the network when that becomes possible. Keep up the fantastic invaluable work!


You simply cannot have a growing team with 100% of people staying forever, that is really not a possibility. This is not the Roman Empire, you can leave.


But maybe there are something wrong with company if best people leaving?


So how many in the last 12 months do you think have left?

Its more than normal for there to be a small turnover of staff in any company.


Perhaps this will help
Employee retention in a fast moving industry is generally low, in Google and Amazon it seems average tenure is 1 year. If we lose a person every X but are growing the team then it is not a sign of bad, it is a sign of good. Different folk have different reasons, humans are allowed that freedom and we encourage it. Anyway folks if people want to believe every project that loses a person is doomed, then they should not be near crypto or innovation based projects. It is normal and expected. Viv was a shocker to us, but normally we expect low tenure and in an industry where it is so simple to move and with so many projects offering crazy money then tenure is always a thing to try and increase. Negativity for me is the biggest reason for folk moving on, nobody wants that in their life and these comments are just that. So these comments are a thing for us to guard against :wink:


It really don’t help to understand why Viv is leaving ground breaking network at early launch… He could just little wait and help to release network.


Yea, cannot help you there and no way will I try and dig into folks personal reasons publicly or discuss them in forums, a little respect is the minimum team members should expect. All team members have free choice and that is as it should be. We will not dissect anyone’s opinions or reasons in a forum, it verges or ignorant and we are not of that ilk.

Viv, me, you or anyone can decide to stay or leave. I could just take care of my new sheep or need a long break away from the pressure of working very hard and non-stop. There can be many reasons, but those reasons are personal. Bejeepers dude, almost all of the ethereum founders left, don’t know the bitcoin ones, it is no unnatural. We can ponder for years, but we won’t.

When I was on the lifeboat, the turnover of folk was really high, we still saved lives, the boat was not doomed and we never rush after folk asking why. I think you will find humans are not machines we own and in creative industries, they will move around, it is probably why so many get so highly skilled, who knows?

In any case, I cannot help you here at all.


Although I would understand it if you sometimes feel as being thrown before the :lion: :lion: here on the forum.


Boredom moves the world. Women leave their men after years of marriage … Why? Many say boredom …

8 years are more than the average duration of marriage. Nobody likes to lose and if you put more money than you can lose is your fault …

Peace of mind is one of the most valuable things in life…


Eight years is a long time in a tech startup. That was how long I was in one. From five people to over a hundred in that time, during which key people left. The company was successful: created its market around the world, sold software in >100 countries, and dominated its sector and the UK market.

So Viv leaving is neither that unusual, nor a threat to the project. It is still a loss, his knowledge and expertise are exceptional, but he is also one among many highly skilled engineers and several managers who also have these skills in the company.


The longest I have worked somewhere is 7.5 years and I would have left half way through, if it wasn’t for the company being acquired and presenting a new challenge. I almost left before that when my first born arrived and I considered being a stay at home dad.

There is a theory that 7 years is a pivotal point, especially in this industry.


These days in open source and especially in crypto communities that would be an age. We now work in a field that is hugely competitive and salaries etc. can get wild. We tend to do really well as a small company, but man it is extremely hard. All we can do is dig in and hope we treat people well enough and give them enough interesting thigs etc. but yea these days retention is mental. Sometimes the more help you give the less thanks you get, I am not good at that part in many ways. Lucky we are more than me :slight_smile:


It’d be a bit hard to pretend to be all those people wouldn’t it :rofl:

I think its a case of some nervous people who react to any news that reminds them of the last crypto coin they invested in that folded. No real experience with a true project.

That is why I asked how many they thought had left in the last 12 months and then they might realise its is hardly any compared to the norm in this arena. Same thing happened the last time someone moved on from Maidsafe.


I recently spoke to a devops engineer working for an ecommerce firm, and he told me that after two years developers there are encouraged to leave so their skills don’t get stale. They may well come back again later with new skills or they may just drift off and do something else and have others take their seat. It really is a revolving door these days.


I can imagine! The biggest trump cards for maidsafe would have to be the cutting edge tech and and product. If you want a technical software challenge, it must be up their with the best! Contributing to moving the bigger picture socially and politically must also be a real buzz.

Saying that, money turns heads and I can’t really say otherwise as a software contractor. I suspect the money flying around this space must be relatively obscene at times! However, those who make money are likely to be drawn back to what challenges them and I suspect there are a few in this smaller community either in or near that position. As SAFENetwork bursts forward, those in this and the wider community may find the draw to the technology irresistible.

I know you would never seek praise, but I’d like to thank you for your dedication to the project too. It cannot be easy, but I hope it is rewarding. We are rooting for you and the team!


I’d like to second that too David. @dirvine