Safe Network Dev Update - March 4, 2021

YouTubing actually

Just because I can Adam Faith on The Freddie Starr Show - YouTube

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Fantastic update. Really seems to be getting closer to test net time!

I guess this is the reference: Charles Endell Esquire - Episode 1 - 1979 - YouTube<

Definitely before my time. Worth a watch?

Keep up the great work MaidSafe… you’ll be rolling out the new internet before anyone knows what hit them!


Thats the one!!!

EDIT: Oh and congratulations for trying to drag this back on topic

Thanks to all the devs for their continued hard work- it really DOES need repeated cos we do mean it most sincerely in amongst all the O/T pish ripping


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Yes, I was walking the streets of Helsinki the other day, and heard this weird screeching noise, like gearbox of a car overheating, but there was no cars, I was in a park. Then I checked out the Github and noticed that wind blew from the west. Oh yeah, guys are thinking.

Good job once again, thank you!


Praying for SAFE Network! :racehorse:


And here is one last one … :racehorse:


I fixed it, thanks :dragon:


I think your expectations aren’t realistic there. There are more components to the network than the one component (routing) that they said feels ready.


Thanks Dimitar!


I look forward to joining this test.


The icing on an already delicious cake. :cake:

The cherry on top. :cherries:


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs and community code diggers,

Wow just wow this weeks update has so much good news

:exploding_head: We are being spoiled in so many ways :kissing_heart:

:clap: Hihi this puzzle is solved, Maidsafe devs always deliver

I’m probably looking in the wrong place, can’t find the UX code, would be handy for translation some day

Keep hacking super ants :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: we’re so close


Modest much, haha, keep up the good work! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now tihs is a cool piece of news, and something a lot of people can get behind I think! BRB has been a really interesting tech that’s paid some big dividends lately it seems. Can’t wait to see what else we can use it for.

Really good update this week and lot’s of big things happening. Nice work MaidSafe and to the community at large (side note: I’ve been watching the Friday marketing chat recordings in my free time, and they have brought about some really interesting discussions. It also gave me a renewed appreciation for how much time and passion our community puts into this project!).


Looks like, but I am not sure what all is left.
This pre-dev comment was related to few bugs, which were solved.


Coming soon…


Amazing update again, I love the Safe Chat. Those are really insightful and shows this project really knows how to do it’s R&D.


Thanks for the update Maidsafe team. :wink: As the components come together I figure there will be a lot of tweaking and that could go on for a long while - at least that’s what I’ve mentally prepared for - yet I get a feeling that things are progressing faster than I expected, which is nice.

Keep up the efforts - we are all looking forward to what will become possible post beta!


SNFS is having access to your SN files through a mount point as if it’s a hard drive, right?

I thought SNFS functionality was built in the application layer on top of the regular network, but it actually requires a special type of SNFS node?

No special node. Think of it more as a combination of data types (a tree CRDT plus immutable data for the files) which form the sn_fs API. Then on the client apps will access the sn_fs API programmatically, or you can run a CLI app which mounts this on the local filesystem so that all the other apps you use can access it as part of the local filesystem.